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  • glasglowplace glasglowplace Feb 2, 2011 7:37 PM Flag

    I still love PSID

    Ok - I don't love scamming Silverman. I don't love fluff pr's. I don't love stock price. I don't love its IR department. I don't love its lack of follow-through with its phase II.

    What am I here for? I love the technology that PSID possessess. It is a monopoly. Some ask why is PSID the only one that has an implantable chip - the answer 'why' is irrelevant. The truth is that they do - so hang on to some of those shares. This $.50 stock could go bananas.

    Or it could go belly up. This is always the case with a stock under $5.00 - called penny stocks.

    Probably 90% of all $5 stocks go to zero. Few make it. PSID may be one of those that makes it. Time will tell.

    DPB - good luck whatever decision you make. Ol Silverman is still making good money - I mean good money. I would like to join him - maybe a pipe dream - may become a reality??


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    • Re: Dead 59 minutes ago
      I sold a ton of shares early in the day ...and managed to buy them back in the mid-upper .70's near the end.

      I'm clearly in positive territory now. ...No worries!

      I think Phase II is being saved to go along with the standard PSID low-profits Qrtly report to offset the damage. This AT&T news item was a test run to see how the stock might be affected with certain levels of news.


      So brilliant one, the psid guru stock trading timer with the heavy pockets. Oh Wearer of the assgasket vest under cheap suits. Explain, Oh thats right you dont have to for you are full of #hit, that is ok you have the assgasket vest for when you fess up. You really thought that this type of business was going to reward you- DD into how they have structured the Corporation should warn all investors unless you are made of money and want to pay the salaries of the Silverclan.

      Sentiment : Strong Sell

    • I mentioned the 60's because that could explain WHY you changed your thing you are right about,mentioning the 60's doesn't and wasn't meant to prove that you lied, it was my guess as to WHY you lied..very simple either lied when you said you bought THEM back meaning all the shares you sold or you lied when you said you bought back a thing we know for a FACT..YOU waiting for the link to where I lied...

    • Mr. Lie Factory,

      Why don't you explain why you brought up PSID was trading in the .60's when that had absolutely NOTHING to do with anything?

      You can't answer this question because you are clearly caught in a LIE!


    • I wonder if everybody believes you are this stupid or just not man enough to admit you the link where I said this:

      <Look, you got caught in a LIE when you stated with your OWN WORDS that I bought PSID shares at .70 while PSID was trading in the low .60's.>

      I can post the link to your 3AM post saying you sold a ton but back THEM back...

      I can then post your 3PM post saying you only bought back a few..

    • Look, you got caught in a LIE when you stated with your OWN WORDS that I bought PSID shares at .70 while PSID was trading in the low .60's. That is a blatant lie as PSID never went below .70 on Wednesday.

      And if you are trying to prove that you aren't lying ...then why did you choose to mention that PSID was trading in the lower .60's. If PSID was in the .60's on Thursday ...what in the heII wod that have to do with me purchasing more shares on Wednesday? ...You see, you make no sense. When you LIE you don't make sense!

      Look, you got caught. PSID trading in the .60's has NOTHING TO DO AT ALL with anything that happened on Wednesday!

      You got caught in a LIE!


    • keep going is so simple for everyone to see that you are a lying idiot 3AM you posted that you bought all your shares back on Wednesday and at 3PM you posted you had bought back just a few on Wednesday..I never said you bought them on Thursday..I PROVED that your story changed on Thursday when the price was tanking..its all right there..everyone knows you lied and everyone knows you still haven't shown where I lied..

    • Nope, No way, lil' guy. Everyone in that thread was talking about Wednesday's action. That was the whole topic of that thread. Me buying shares back in the .70's on Wednesday has NOTHING TO DO AT ALL with wthatever PSID's price was on Thursday, Friday or ANY OTHER DAY for that matter. Using your (((OWN WORDS))) you said PSID was trading in the .60's when I said I bought more shares. That is a lie - and documented as such.

      You, sir, ...are a LIAR and you just got caught!!!

      One should examine himself before accusing others. Let this be a lesson for you in the future.


    • you look stupider with every post..follow along now dummy..PSID spiked on Wednesday the didn't post that day, but before the markets opened on the 27th at ~3AM you posted you sold but you bought back your shares in the .70s..later that same day, the 27th, before the markets closed you posted that you had bought back a few shares at .75..2 hugely different stories about the same event, one story posted when the PPS was .75 and one when it was within an hour of closing at .66..get your story straight and please show exactly where I lied..

    • Nope, liar ...that's not what you wrote. We were all discussing the PSID action that happened on Wednesday and you said I bought shares at .75 when it was trading in the .60's. ...You LIED!!!

      No getting around it, guy. You got caught. YOU LIED!! ...Deal with it!

      PSID NEVER WENT BELOW $.70 ON WEDNESDAY ....THAT IS A FACT!!! .....................YOU LIED!!!


      P.S. next time do your OWN research before you get caught in another lie.

    • the day it popped was the 26TH..closed at $.75..the next morning at 3AM you posted you sold but bought back your shares..12 hours later with PSID trading in the $.60's, you posted you had bought back some at $.75..where did I lie..dummy..

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