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  • solantey Jun 9, 2011 10:56 AM Flag

    O.T. "RPC" - No Bankruptcy

    BioMedReports RE: India and RPC-- There are some key developments and partnerships which have not been announced in India, but they have been in the works for some time. One of the bigger ones, according to our sources there, is in the private sector.

    W...e are preparing a special report on those developments but our challenge has been to accurately gauge what the impact form this partnership(s) may be.

    So far, as we understand it, no one has really been expecting these developments but they are clearly part of the reason for our optimism- especially given the size, expertise and credibility of the partner whose name we keep hearing.

    Now the question is: Will the move make up or surpass the revenue numbers that were originally expected in Q1 before the Indian government asked the company to delay delivery of the cancer screening tests?

    Yes. The company is being tight lipped, but we have learned that several public health ministry officials took meetings and asked for the unforeseen delivery delay in order to prepare enough treatment facilities to accommodate the expected number of patients which will be coming into the public hospitals for cancer treatment.

    That delays apparently came after many of the people in the area where the cancer screening test was underway had already completed the initial written surveys (see the original PR about that mechanism).

    It became clear to both Radient and Indian officials that a much higher percentage of the population will likely need medical attention from oncology centers that are currently not equipped for that type of traffic. But we guarantee you Radient won't say anything or throw those elected officials under the bus because they don't want to lose that contract and/or jeopardize some of the other public screening tests that they are near ready to sign on. A smart, but painful move by RPC management which is clearly focused on the long term big prize rather than just 2011. Again.. We're chasing the story but rest assured it is VERY REAL.

    Again... This company IS NOT on the verge of bankruptcy. The note holders and investors who know some of these details are too smart to let that happen.

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