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  • anthny anthny Jun 4, 1998 3:59 PM Flag

    Sinking Ship>>

    If the comapnay doesn't come out with something to defend their stock price, this ones going to $3 per share.

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    • I didn't say that Abbott Diagnostics Division was cheap crap (please review original message). Go lay by your dish and think before you call me an idiot.

    • i agree that eliminating marketing costs via this
      alliance will increase stat's earnings; however, the
      offset is sharing all incremental profits with abbott;
      the word sharing is not defined; is it 50/50 as
      sharing might imply or is it something else; it is my
      judgment that i-stat gave up a substantial portion of
      future profits to abbott but had not the abbott deal
      been signed i-stat may never have realized its profit
      potential; the question becomes what will be the magnititude
      of those shared profits; how many new clients can
      abbott bring to i-stat's table in the near term and are
      h-p 's marketing efforts in europe beginning to take
      off; anyone talking to abbott or hpabout all this?
      cheers hj

    • Has anyone read the 8K yet ? In reading the
      it does not sound very favorable to
      I-STAT. How would you
      interpret that Abbott get all
      the "commercialization" rights
      to jointly
      developed products ??? Does I-STAT get anything
      out of
      the jointly developed product. I know the 8K is not

      very detailed but would like to hear anyone
      opinion of this.


    • Abbott Diagnostics Division contributes less than
      10% of the 12 Billion in total Abbott revenue. While
      the diagnostic division is the smallest revenue
      generator at Abbott it is the largest diagnostic company in
      revenue. However, its lead is under challenge due to the
      recent merger of Beckman/Colter and Roche/BMC. The
      alliance between Abbott and STAT will be good for both
      companies. Abbott's growth oriented and profitable sales are
      in the immunoassay product line. While ABT has
      clinical chemistry systems, they have lacked the
      performance to command significant market share. The addition
      of the STAT product will provide Abbott the best
      chance of capturing market share in clinical chemistry.
      This will differentiate Abbott from the Beckman/Colter
      and the Roche/BMC competitors. The synergies are
      strong--much stronger than the HWP alliance. Abbott is very
      aggressive with customers when it comes to product sales.
      The STAT product will be easy for the Abbott sales
      reps to integrate into their daily sales calls. Abbott
      reps are very efficient and cost effective. Their
      productivity is off the scale compared to the STAT reps while
      earning salaries on average half that of the STAT rep.
      Eliminating the high cost of sales reps and sales management
      from STAT payroll will improve STAT profit margin
      significantly allowing them to concentrate on manufacturing.

    • what do you think of the distribution agreement
      as outlined in the 8-K?although there is a lot we
      don't know, in particular what the profit sharing
      arrangement is exactly on incremental sales orchestrated by
      abbott, the agreement does expire 12/31/2001 if abbott
      fails to achieve the three year milestone minimum
      growth rate(which we also don't know yet). if that
      target is ambitious and abbott fails to meet it, then
      istat gets (assuming the alliance goes away) the future
      benefit of all future business; on the other hand if the
      agreement is met by abbott, and istat then wants out it has
      to pay a termination fee which is also not very
      clearly quantified.anyone with insight on what is the
      minimum growth rate for abbott? hj

    • Abbott Diagnostics Division is anything but a "low cost provider" of "cheap crap". Do some research you idiot!

    • I've been in the medical field for 15 years (most
      in anesthesia). Abbott is a low cost provider of
      products. Most I would say reflect this (cheap crap). I'd
      bet that most of there sales are to hospitals that
      are part of large buying groups and don't have a
      choice on which products to purchase. I don't know much
      about their lab equipment, representation or
      support...I just hope that it's a lot better then what I've
      seen in critical care. Of course the i-STAT sales
      force/marketing has not done much with a terrific product. Abbott
      can and should do better.

    • thanks goldie face herb

    • The Diagnostics Division sales force is comprised
      of Reps that cover the hospitals and various
      specialists. There are about 300 hospital reps and every
      hospital in the US is covered very well by a local rep.
      The 40 reps mentioned in the conference call are the
      Medisense Specialists that are the experts on the Medisense
      Glucose Monitoring product line. They will become experts
      on Istat as well. The 300 reps will be trained on
      Istat also and will do the initial selling / lead
      generation and then bring in the specialist.

      As far
      as market share: Abbott has anywhere from 10% to 60%
      depending on what area of the lab you're talking about. For
      years Abbott has been #1 in the industry in terms of
      total sales. The recent merger of Roche and BMC has
      created a company with diagnostic sales about equal to

    • i dont know, moffitt described abbott as the
      world leader in clinical diagnostic equipment; what
      size market share that translates into i am not sure,
      anyone out there know? i'd also add that moffitt said
      abbott's sales force to hospitals consists of 40 sales
      people and that "Abbott plans to significantly expand
      that sales force based on this deal"; i gotta believe
      that in terms of a calling program, they should be
      seeing every high volume user in this country next year,
      thanks for your kind words cheers hj

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