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  • slideruler5 slideruler5 Dec 27, 2001 7:12 PM Flag

    Oil Barron is a pencil neck geek

    2300 seems a little low to me.

    Are you sure the Nasdaq does not got to 50% retracement from 5100 to 1380?

    Why not 3240? With deflation......P/E are allowed to skyrocket!

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    • oil, once again you provide a brilliant comprehension of the fundamental resources which make the world go 'round.

      CEF looks like the closest we can get to physical silver? Que crees? Te gusta? Se parece como una buena inversion, o no? Tienes que estudiar la musica de Carlos Gardel si quierest apprender los elementos mejores de la cultura argentina, tal vez, una gente que sufre de un poquito de personalidades de esnobes...

      pero las mujeres portegnas! Ay, ay, ay, tambien el greenback "controla", como los pandilleros de mi barrio escritan en cada lugar...

    • The verb "was" should be used. Now my mental midget friend. I would like you to look at SUNW chart. For all technical purpose the chart screams 18. One problem, lets take SUNW best year ever assuming 2000. In fact lets take the 4 best quarters since 1998 and add them and lets give them a 25 p/e mutiple. THE CHART SCREAMS 6. This is abellweather stock, for purely fundamental reasons and its way too early for the comp to move to 3000. My target of 2300 standsand actually confirms that sometime in the future the comp will hit 538, meaning we would have come full 1/2circle from the 1977 bear market. The S&P 10 year trailing p/e indicate thisas well. A bear market for 10 years. Oh well there is russia or china to look at it. Now since I am a paid schill you believe me or you don't. Listen grab F its good till 23. mcd good to 37. mwl to 10. cnc to 7.5. Nice plays oh yeah nrg to 23. Relax and you may not understand my way of thinking, who cares, those targets will get hit.

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