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  • dubldoz dubldoz May 24, 2002 10:32 AM Flag


    hello drac,
    do you think there is any chance of COMP reversal before the close? looks pretty dismal with that GDP revision.

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    • DRAC: Keep posting, your information is appreciated!

    • Really, they don't bother me. I think it would be nice though if they would contribute something positive. Really that's my point. It's not whether what I say is always right or often wrong. It's whether you can turn this whole thing into something positive. Some people get it, some people don't

    • drac,just ignore those noise. we need you!

      and thank you very much for your contributions!

    • I'm long on a couple of stocks (not tech - SLC and trying to get long on PDII). I shorted REI and ADVS as well. Also went long on DYN and got stopped out. We may go down to 1590. We may go lower than that. But it doesn't feel like we will.

    • ssohra,

      thank you for those comments. my sentiments exactly.

      I don't even hold or trade erts but, I've been following drac's comments on daily basis now for about four months. as a brain dead, rookie, investor/trader I stay back and learn.

      I am just small time and the only position i hold right now are 300 shares of xlnx. my initial trading invesment of $3,000 from five months ago is now worth about $6,200. a little over 100%. not bad for a dumbass like me, huh?
      thank you Drac.

      oh ssohra, the two idiots you refer to well... i think they are the same person.

    • shorty_the_bubble_lover shorty_the_bubble_lover May 28, 2002 11:49 AM Flag

      hey drac, today confims it. my target of 1590 is coming. ok, so I am flat right now, but i will look to go long if the landscape is right. where will you be looking to go long, if you know yet? anybody else?

    • Listen you two idiots: if you don't like what Drac says or does on this board, and if you think the rest of us are brain dead for listening to someone we don't know, you are the fool. For one thing, people have various interests and for myself, I trade only occasionally, although used to trade for a living before. I have other pre-occupations that stop me from being active and knowing what is going on in the market on a daily, hourly basis. So, Drac, giving his time for free is only being a very kind human being. He doesn't get anything more than a thanks here and there. I think as one other reader said, you are extremely jealous. So, you are on my ignore button now and I suggest others to do the same.

    • I have little time in the morning so here's the best response I can manage for the moment.

      1. I have been on this board for well over a year and I am not an unknown. Many of these people know me on a first name basis.

      2. Prediciting that the market will move either way based on a single news event is not TA it's gambling. On the day you mention I was very long. Not because of CSCO but because the 5 day arms had been over 12 for 4 days. At the very least, I would never have been short in front of a market that oversold. (I may have mentioned the CSCO prediciton to someone on this board who knows the person who made the prediciton. I myself did not make the prediction. I do not predict market reactions to earnings.)

      3. No comment. I am a full time professional trader. I value the opinions of others but make my own decisions.

      4. <<you know the importance of telling your 'readers' the EFFICIENCY and the PROFITABILITY of your technical system (e.g., Net profit/ Gross Profit/ Average winning >> Sorry . . . this one cracks me up. My only answer is that they're not paying me enough to go through the bother.

      I am mostly a day trader. I rely on timing, speed and precision in execution. I read charts using candles, volumes, chart patterns, etc. I know people often want a longer time perspective and I often admit that I cannot give that. Most of the time I do not trade the stocks I comment on here so I actually do not know how well I do at prediciting most of it. I always advocate the use of stops. I do not believe anybody should lose a lot of money on a single trade.

      Sooooo, anyway, bottom line is, thanks for your opinion, I guess. Doesn't really affect me in any way nor do I think it adds to the general discussion here. But as long as things stay reasonably civil, s'ok with me. Anytime you want to discuss some technical aspect of the market, I'm usually a willing particpant.

    • I second your thought, haugs.

      1. ''My theory is they are all the same person, or on the worst side they are a "GROUP" of idiots who claim to be traders or investors. ''

      -- Even if Drac's 'followers' are not the same person, they must be so ignorant as to listen to the TA by an unknown poster on Yahoo. Why don't Drac's 'supporters' buy and read some insightful books on TA?

      2. ''I will tell you this, I have made more money trading against "DRAC" than if you traded with "DRAC".''

      -- I don't read his posts much. But I remember clearly how I defeated Drac's Nasdaq prediction recently: before CSCO released the earnings report, Drac predicted that Nasdaq would tumble the next day (and he claimed that his 'friends' on the market also foresaw such a slump); however, I criticized his non-sense by pointing out that Nasdaq's prevailing slump had priced in the worst scenario of CSCO and so it would RALLY strongly. In the end, we experienced Nasdaq's best %gain the next day (I can paste Drac's forecasts and my criticisms as evidence, if you want to read in detail).

      3. ''Trade the way you feel good ... but I actually support a family, 2 homes, a few cars and enjoy freedom by being INDEPENDANT in my trading business, ''

      -- Every smart TA-trader knows the importance of independent thinking and the significance of keeping their TA strategies confidential.

      4. This is for Drac: no information is better than bad information. I think Tlo, Rab, Spec and Nsthil have done really a good job for providing fundamental analyses for VG stocks. As a TA trader, you know the importance of telling your 'readers' the EFFICIENCY and the PROFITABILITY of your technical system (e.g., Net profit/ Gross Profit/ Average winning trades/ Average losing trades/ Max intraday drawdowns, etc).

      BTW, I am kind of a TA enthusiast (I run at least 500,000 optimization testings every week). If you want to exchange theoretical or practical views about any technical system, you are always welcome, 'Dr. Drac'.

    • No offense taken. I'm simply bored to death with people who contribute nothing and then bitch about those who do. Your theory was that all of these people are actually the same person. That's just plain wrong. You were blowing your own and yet no here has any proof of how well you trade because you contribute nothing.

      Thing is, my friend, there is often a really useful dialouge that goes on here. If you have something to offer, I'm sure we'd all love to hear it. If all you want to do is lurk and make the occasional bitch post, I guess you have that right but it really doesn't accomplish much.

      You want to be useful, give these people your opinion on where the market is going this week, this summer, by next fall. Tell them where you think ERTS is going. You want to be a pain in the ass, keep up what your doing. You're an effective irritant but frankly I've got better things to do than take up my time responding to you.

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