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  • bullkiller_1929 bullkiller_1929 May 8, 2003 10:21 AM Flag

    MSFT will take control of Sega

    How will this affect ERTS?

    If MSFT decides to pull Sega games from PS2, that leaves the market all to ERTS. I would consider that a positve for ERTS.

    However, I believe that Sega will still publish games for the PS2 (at MSFT's discretion), specifically sports games. Under that scenario I believe MSFT's control of Sega would really hurt ERTS over the long run. MSFT's console would inherit all of the "A" titles, making the purchase of their console more attractive.

    Ultimately, ERTS would continue to lead the way in software sales, unless another major deal is made. From my little bird in Japan (the same little bird that told me of the coming EA Square split 6 months prior to being announced) I have heard that Nintendo will stop producing console units and go the way of Sega, exclusively publishing software (handheld market will still be developed). My little bird also says that Nintendo will not be exclusive to one console or another. However, certain characters and franchises will be sold to the highest bidder. Speculation is already running rampant with who will go where. Little birdy says, MSFT will get the majority of the good games via a deal like the pending one with Sega.

    The significance of all of this is that MSFT's next generation console will sell very well against Sony's new console. This will ultimately hurt ERTS down the road as a larger percentage of their revenue will be derived from software sold for MSFT's console. More specifically this disaster is currently being exasperated by ERTS' failure to produce online games for MSFT's current console, causing illwill toward the publisher.

    The bottom line is this coming Sega deal (all but announced) is huge. Nintendo will follow suit within the next 2 years and ERTS will have its hands full trying to be the company it once was.

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    • Sounds like they are going to integrate MSN Messenger as well as provide music downloads. Apple had over 1M downloads in the first week from their new "$0.99 per song" service (last week).

      This gives LIVE one more potential market that PS2 is behind on. According to this article it sounds like Sony is going to give gamers a chance to buy a harddrive as an add on. The hardware war is definitely in full swing. Its much easier for MS to develop and integrate their current IT applications with the xbox as well. Sony's OS is proprietary and MS's is a stripped down version of Windows 2000 (minus a bunch of the security rings). Looks like your xbox will now be a karaoke machine as well. Start looking for them to pop up in bars, etc. This could get a little crazy. Its very awesome to watch. I am really excited about what Sony is going to do as well. With these two giants battling it out we get some incredible jumps in home technology. They are spending tons of cash that would have set in a bank and collected interest...instead it gets "returned" to the public in the form of advancements in technology for the home user. I love this!!! Capitalism at its best.

      I will post the content of the article as a seperate message.

    • So the cheaters shooting through invisible walls in SOCOM is not a problem??? They can't even patch it because they have no hardrive. After E3 turtle,tell me why so many 3rd party publishers are throwing their support behind XBOX live despite PS2 installed base being so huge. "PS2 model works fine", GET REAL.

    • Honestly my source is a mid level person in the VG media. And i have heard so many things about XBOX live pricing and some are really off the wall IMO. MSN per se, i did not hear. Mostly i am concerned about games so when i get the chance that's what i ask about.
      here's a link to MSFT's new XBOX live price structure,it's very fair and flexible IMHO.

    • I said the PC model works. Working for ERTS is a different story. Don't twist my words around.

      PS2 model works fine. The "nightmare" of the first two weeks of SOCOM is over, please try and find some information that's current to support your claim, or shut up. You're simply wrong here.

      MSFT didn't wipe out Nintendo. Sony is wiping out Nintendo (started in the N64 generation) and preventing MSFT from becoming a big player.


    • bukhead,
      have you heard anything about a major upgrade to LIVE this Christmas that has to do with integrating MSN. I thought that it was probably BS due to the differences in voice vs. text (how do you get someone to talk to someone who is typing)...then I did some research and found that Mr. Gates has been giving a lot of talks on voice over ip and connecting MSN Messenger on phones with those on desktops...yes i realize you can do it with AOL already but you have to type very very slowly on a phone and its more hassle than its worth.

      It could be a very interesting confluence of events that could really change the way the living room is viewed.

    • beta testing was not a free year. i was in the 2 months for free but still had to shell out $50.

    • actually i have found that his impressions have been very accurate...from other gaming boards...he has a knack for calling things. If you want to tell me I am him or just full of crap...take a look at some of his posts on IPLY or AKLM. He seriously pissed people off there but was right more times than not. He seems to understand the business.

      Those numbers do sound a little high though. Its like with Sega projecting large numbers of subscribers for the LIVE version of PSO...they might predict it but one thing everyone has to look at is that the first 2 months are free. Nobody really knows until after that time has expired and we have given the community a couple of payed months to play to see whether or not gameplay on that particular title is addictive enough like EverCrack. Personally from the boards I would have to say that a lot of people are not going to pay for PSO will be able to pick up a copy very cheaply on ebay in the near future. Same goes for LIVE. If they go with an exclusive month to month pay plan (no other options) I think they will lose at least 50% of the people that are currently on right now. I for one don't care that much about my stats and when there are no new games I don't get on. I probably won't play LIVE until July or so. Maybe once or twice...not that interested in RTCW online and there really isn't anything coming until late summer that I am interested in playing on LIVE. If I had the choice I would cancel now and just get a new name in a couple of months and save myself the $20.

    • Look i won't spread rumors,but i am aware of MOST of msft E3 games announced and unannounced. I posted here 2 months ago that some big deals were to finalized and most have. Weakness in areas like RPG's and Japanese support will have been addressed. And after E3 ,it will leave no doubt even to last gamecube diehards that there will only be 2 console manufacturers left. And MSFT has lined up MAJOR 3rd party online support. They have almost every genre and gameplay type like fighting,wrestling,RPG,racing ,tennis,snowboarding,skateboarding,sports,FPS,3PS,,massive multiplayer and some names of games i don't even know exactly what the hell they are. And all set for 2003 and 2004. And none of these are from EA. Everyone's got a fetish,just one particular game they can't do without and Xlive will most likely have one of them.

    • "---No, not in the video game business. I pointed this out to fanboys before MS even launched Xbox and was ridiculed. Money is one thing, that MS has in spades. But it's *not* the same as leverage and power in a market that is unrelated to their core business. MS was able to go into "related" businesses they had to presence in and muscle around because it was related to O.S.'s. Browser, any app. that can integrated with an O.S., etc. Video game consoles and software for them is nearly completely seperated from O.S. market for PC's. MS found this out early on. Even if Nintendo and Sony and TTWO and ERTS only had $1,000,000.00 in the bank they'd still have more power and influence in the sector than MS. The evidence of this is that all MS can muster is buying devs. and it's still not helping in any significant way. Sure with some folks would get out of this "oh they have deep pockets and will crush everyone!" mentality. It's clearly untrue for this market. Thank you. "

      This is very very true. Esp. to the gaming community. Its very difficult to tell what is going to be hot demographics, tv, school, comics, movies, world events play a much more significant role in video games than in office software. The one advantage that I see MS bringing to the gaming community though is ease of development. If they truly do support the .NET CLR on the x2 and come up with a better revenue model for making a licensing fee from third party titles. They could then open up game development to a HUGE development community. Using .NET developers from C# to C++ could utilize the platform and come up with some significant ideas outside of simply games. As it stands you have to be part of their development program...Rab could probably give you more insite into that than I.

    • Hoping for an update on that at E3. Nobody really knows what the financial model for LIVE will be yet...except Mr. Gates. So far there are about 325k+ customers that have shelled out the $50. You can find the article on

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