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  • Rab_Nesbitt Rab_Nesbitt Sep 29, 2003 6:14 PM Flag

    They reel you in

    I don't watch basketball but I bought NBA Street 2 and think it's one of the best sports games ever made. Great production values, great gameplay.

    I don't watch golf but I bought Tiger Woods PGA 2004 and was up 'till the early hours playing the world tour. See above.

    I bought Madden and NCAA.

    I'll be buying FIFA 2004, and probably SSX 3. I did skip NHL 2004 for Sega's though.

    The EA Sports bio is an amazing feature which unlocks additional rewards in other EA Sports games based on accomplishments in different games. Genius. Clearly it's an extension of the unified branding look they implemented a few years ago. Very smart, and now there's a specific reason to pick EA's over the competitions in a genre you don't own yet. If you have some in the range and your next purchase is a toss-up between EA, Sega and Microsoft, well now you have a reason to stick with EA. Next up let's see a unified pricing model to encourage more purchasing, like, "Buy 3 EA Sports 200x and get the rest for $34.99", etc.

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    • "It must be tough sittin' on the sidelines during this bull market eh?"

      Nope. See below, I bought a *lot* of ARMHY last October and sold for a 175% gain. And it must have been tough for you being a bull since 2000.

      Re: Great opportunity here
      by: Rab_Nesbitt 09/05/03 01:03 pm
      Msg: 9819 of 10007

      I got in last year at $2 on the morning it crashed. What a bargain! But now the valuation is getting up there and the market has had a good run so I'm all out and I'll keep a look out for an entry in the low $4's for longer term, or buying on the dips for shorter term trading. If it never happens, c'est la vie. ARMHY is a great company with a great future, and good luck to all!

      Great opportunity here
      by: Rab_Nesbitt
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 10/02/02 12:54 pm
      Msg: 5732 of 10007

      Just got back in today at $2 with a very good size chunk. I hadn't been following it for a while since selling out around $13, I forget how many moons ago. Then I saw it down 70% today on a warning. But... they're still a leader, they're still profitable, valuations are much more acceptable now, and how much more downside can shorts expect? Sure it'll be volatile for a while as the traders play it out, but I agree with others that we'll see $3.50+ before long. This company is an old favorite of mine and it's good to be back. Best of luck to everyone.

    • Didn't have a chance to follow the posts on this board for a while.

      "Speaking of, weren't you calling TTWO the cockroach of the industry when it was around $18, and insisting you'd never buy into such a company? Then you finally caved and bought... and sold for a loss."

      Are they still reelin' you in, Rab? Dang, wasn't it just yesterday* that ERTS was hovering around 55? It must be tough sittin' on the sidelines during this bull market eh?

      *The reason I said *yesterday* is that it seems you live in a time capsule. Lessee.... when did TTWO last trade around $18? Wasn't it over a year ago when Take-Ten went through, like five CFOs in 4 quarters when they were made poster child for accounting scandal?

      When it appeared like bookcooking was behind them, I jumped in, expecting a blowout quarter like other vid gamers, but got stopped out with just the fees. Anyway, I've not tracked nor have no opinion on TTWO one way or another since August of last year.

      Any other outdated story you wanna bring up, old Rab?

    • "On the other hand, you and your great track record are both the prodder and the butt of the joke in Comedy Central on the TTWO board."

      Speaking of, weren't you calling TTWO the cockroach of the industry when it was around $18, and insisting you'd never buy into such a company? Then you finally caved and bought... and sold for a loss.

      It just seems odd that someone with a track record such as yours would attack anyone else for theirs.

    • WOW !!!

      I guess what people say about you is right, Rab. You do have a lot of time on your hand! I guess I'm speechless about your raving reviews of EA's products..... To whom do we owe this honor?

      I guess for the mainstream population who aren't as well in tune with video games, then name brand that people accept is important. Brand power carries a great deal of weight for this line of products. (Note to self: Wow, I ought to be in marketing ;-)

      Just food for thoughts, for those who are starting their X-mas shopping for their friends and relatives....

    • Honest reporting - way to go Rab.


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