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  • bullkiller_1929 bullkiller_1929 Jan 28, 2004 10:47 AM Flag

    Who let the cat out of the bag?

    The cats were officially let out of the bag.

    1: EA games will soon be Xbox "Live" enabled and ERTS will have officially given up their quest to blackmail MSFT into giving them preferrential treatment...i.e...MSFT will not give them customer names nor any fees.

    2: ERTS' decision to not support Nintendo's new handhand, leads credence to my long-time prediction that Nintendo will be EXCLUSIVELY publishing games for Microsoft's Xbox2 and will leave the console business completely.

    3: ERTS has no idea or even a plan for when online console gaming will become profitable. This isn't new information, as they have been clueless and alluding to the future for the past 6 years, but it re-enforces the fact that they are failing miserably in the online arena, the ONLY positive growth left in the industry, and as some say.....the FUTURE.

    So there you have it. Madden will be "Live" this fall, after losing market share on the Xbox all these years for naught, Mario will be donning Xbox green, and will continue to bleed red.

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    • jeff,

      <<I fail to see how 750,000 is nearly 1million. Sure 750,000 is closer to 1 million than 3 but it's still 25% off>>

      If you were to view such statements through the lens of Bullsh*t LogicTM, it would be very clear to you how 750k equals 1 million. You would also be able to understand how links provided by bullsh*t boy which contradict his contentions, actually support his statements, no matter what he says.

      However, since Bullsh*t LogicTM is a proprietary brand of thinking which is solely the property of bullsh*t boy, you'll just have to settle for the view provided by Mundane Logic, which always points to the conclusion that bullsh*t boy wouldn't know the truth if it ran up and bit him on the ass...and hung on. ;-)

      P.S. ERTS is now trading, according to Bullsh*t Logic, at around 60, since it's only 1/3rd more than 45. Go figure ;-)


    • change "mute" to moot...Sorry I am a little tired after partying the past two weeks.

    • <<When talking stocks 25% is a pretty big number. I'd be happy with a 25% gain and pretty upset with a 25% loss.>>

      I was not talking stocks. I was talking subscribers. Although, I agree with 25% gains/losses being big numbers in that field.
      That still is not relevant when regarding subscribers.

      When a game sells 800,000 copies, can you say it sold "nearly" a million? Or would you be better served saying it sold "more than" half of a million copies?

      Here is the problem:

      You accused me of saying 1 million. I never said that. You later admit I said "nearly 1 million." That's good, that you can substantiate a difference.

      What is bad is that you continue to ignore the fact that I also included with my post links that gave a more precise and exact summary of the Xbox Live situation that included the 750k number. And now, you still want to knit-pick over it. Good grief!

      <<"The cats were officially let out of the bag." to mean anything other than - "There has been a press release and the following statements are true.">>

      Let's just read into it a little more. How come you are not asking me what cats were let of the bag, and where they went?

      You are reading way too much into stuff Jeff. If you don't have enough common sense to gather from my post that those are my personal opinions and have nothing to do with "official" ERTS statements....then I don't know what to say.

      You certainly don't confuse me with EA Major Foot-n-Mouth Jeff Brown do you? I hope you don't hold me to his standard, because he can make some of my statements look like they were made by an angel. ;) (example: ERTS execs cash in options because they were due to 2009 LOL!)

      BTW....why would ERTS put out an official statement regarding Nintendo giving up the console business and working exclusively with MSFT and Xbox2? You are really stretching.

      If you did take those statments as being "official" from ERTS, I am sorry that you were taken in by them.

      <<At times it seems like you just troll for the pleasure of trolling (like this time)>>

      I am not trolling. I could cast a lot better bait than that if I wanted to troll. IMHO those statements are rather conservative. Like I have said....I am not the first one to ever theorize about ERTS going "Live" this fall....many others have done so. I never even believed it until yesterday. Others have also said Mario will be on the Xbox. I also made that prediction along with them, and got some re-enforcement via the CC yesterday, because frankly I can't understand how ERTS would not support Nintendo when Nintendo sells 30 million or whatever it is Gameboys, other than for the assumption that Nintendo is going to become a major competitor by doing console software for MSFT. Now with, that is set in stone. It is bleeding red, and even ERTS execs don't know when or how it will stop.

      Quit being so petty. If you don't like my 3 predictions or don't think they are possible, then tell me why. That would be a lot more productive than arguing over mute points.

    • Are you serious?

      IF Nintendo drops out of the hardware business (which is highly unlikely) they won't become a microsoft exclusive. Why would nintendo drop out of the hardware race?? They have the largest (or one of the largest) installed user bases with its Gameboy Advance.

      They claim over and over again that they are going to remain a hardware and software game company. For those of us that are used to nintendo, especially if it doesn't make sense for nintendo to keep making hardware, they'll do it. Kindof like the Dual Screen handheld. It's kindof exactly what they don't need to do.

      So pretty much the second you start talking about nintendo dropping out of the hardware race and producing as an exclusive... thats when I stop listening for good. Nintendo is quirky. They want their own system to design their wacky games around. The dual screen will have about 10 cool games and then die (based on what information has been released about it thus far, barring any exciting new announcement that introduces an actual reason to buy it.)

    • Thank you again for such an informative post BK. I would like to praise you for all your well researched, well documented, and well cited posts. You are always above and beyond when it comes to citing sources.

      I bow down to your supreme intelligence and insider information.

      • 2 Replies to jeff_b_shaw
      • Jeff,

        I know you are being sarcastic, but let's be a little realistic here, ok?

        Where do you think you are going to find published information on Nintendo making a deal and exclusively producing software for MSFT's Xbox2? I stated it was a PREDICTION. It is one that I have come up with a long time ago starting with Nintendo's sale of Rare to MSFT. ERTS' alleged refusal to support Nintendo's new Gameboy further strengthens my supposition. They are now viewing Nintendo as a direct threat and competitor that they want to kill.

        Come on. Get real about posting links for backing up "predictions."

        Regarding EA going "Live" this fall, that is nothing new. Industry rumours have run rampant with speculation. I did not believe them until yesterday when ERTS revealed that Xbox sales grew faster than PS2 sales and that they expected the same for the future. That to me is confirmation that they are going "Live." They would rather fudge their numbers before making MSFT look good, unless they were about to join them and gain something out of it. That is my personal feeling. I don't trust the company. However assuming I am wrong regarding their willingness to fudge numbers, I am still right on the theoretical aspect of doing business. ERTS will struggle to grow this year and the most sound business strategy is to get their games "Live," which will help increase their sales tremendously. The bottom line is, ERTS' business strategy for the past two years regarding their refusal to participate with "Live" will be severely scrutinized and viewed as a failure if they don't get anyting out of MSFT. How much did they lose by not signing up earlier?

        Finally, regarding, if you want the links to that disaster, I suggest you click on "SEC Filings" and then pull up a few 10K reports. ERTS has failed miserably with their online efforts and still has no plan for when they can turn a profit. Do a Google search and pull up some old articles. You will find the same statements when asked about online profitability....."in the future," "during the next generation" etc....

        If you are thanking me for the heads up on the 750,000 paying Xbox Live subscribers, you are welcome.

        If you are thanking me for the heads up on the breaking up of the EA Square publishing deal, you are welcome again.

        And if you are sincerely thanking me for the heads up I just gave you, then by all means, you are certainly more than welcome.

    • My Favorite Moron,

      How come you're violating the terms of your self-indictment? You banned yourself if ERTS closed above 47.12. It closed higher than that yesterday. It's higher than that today. Well, enjoy your 15 minutes of freedom. Although with all that fecal matter clinging to you, you might consider a bath. When you got flushed down the crapper again last time, did you tell your fellow sewer denizens that you shorted ERTS all the way from the 50's to over 100? Did you tell them you agreed to call yourself a 'Moron' if rose above 40 (post split)? Did you tell them that your 'guaranteed' prediction for the year-end 2003 stock price was 20? Did you tell them this stock was 'broken' by Feb. 2003? Did they laugh their asses off? Funny, that's what we did, too!

      Still, it's great to see you again, even if you are spouting the same old bullsh*t (not so great to smell you, though). Best of luck to you on your slide down the crapper again. Tip: Wear your wetsuit.


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