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  • speed_in_need speed_in_need Nov 11, 2004 1:50 AM Flag

    ERTS employees to unionize?

    EA better watch how they treat their talent..especially all of that film talent they are hiring up in Southern Cal. They can bite back


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    • The first thing you learn is would coulda should is always to be ignored :) I'm pretty happy with recent trades; TTWO at 33, ERTS 44.40, NFLX at 10. ATVI I skipped at $13.00 a few weeks ago and I shoulda, but oh well. I'm personally unconvinved of a slow-down during the next transition, so i'll still load the boat on dips.

      MXO is a scarry company, and although I have plans (5-10 years) for my HDD stocks, MXO isn't one of them. Until I see new management and a change in product quality I wont touch it. WDC on the other hand should be a $15 stock or more, so I continue to add at anything below $8.00

    • turtle,

      Nice little trade you've got going there on ERTS currently. Haven't touched TTWO, as the only two companies I really know about in any depth are ERTS and ATVI. Unloaded a lot of ATVI at $16, which so far has proved to be too early a trade, but profits are always good, and I think there's at least a fair chance to buy back in at lower levels in the next 5 months. My position in ERTS is small right now - if we go up, I'll make a little bit, if we go down, I'll load up for the future. I was tempted by MXO when it unbelievably went sub $3, but who knows how bad things can get? I bought a 120 gb drive for $40 with a rebate, the next step would be to give them away for free. Would've been a smart trade, as they're closer to $4 bucks now. Woulda, shoulda, coulda...ah shucks, let's just be happy with our good trades ;-)


    • As I said long ago I though $45.00 would be a rare price and much lower very I picked up a bunch at $44.40 :) No snapping for me lately! Wonder where bear is? I feel bad about MXO, but I said "MXO sucks!". Maybe they'll pull it out with micro drives, it's just their general business I think is bad. Did you pickup any TTWO lately at sub-$33?

    • turtle,

      Good to see you, whether or not you appear in your angry, 'snapping turtle' guise or not. Interesting to see ERTS zoom up with such a dark horizon according to so many sources, I must say I'm surprised. It's a winner either way, I think - up and that's good, down to 35-40 and one can load up with a view past the higher costs/lower revs of the console transition and look to a nice 06 rebound, IMO.


    • Go to the blog journal at

      If you scroll down the comments you will see that union reps are actively soliciting EA employees currently. Look at page 8 for a sample of this but there are many other pages

      I said it before and I will say it again. EA should NOT screw around with LA art talent. EA has only themselves to blame.

      Page 8 also has an LA times reporter posting his contact info. look at first response to "To all those "Get a new Job" People "

      I have seen this blog entry mentioned on several major news sites including

      This might hit BIG

    • "But making a salaried, exempt employee work 60+ hours a week with good pay and benefits, while not the best practice, is not as bad."

      ---Did I mention 60+? No, I mentioned 70-90. News falsh; over 72 hours is illegal; exempt or not. New flash; there are laws the require an employer to pay overtime REGARDLESS of an employees status as EXEMPT depending on their salary and hours worked. News flash; i'm long on ERTS, but they are fuked the law is the law.

    • "Also can you clarify what made the employees non-exempt? I'm interested in the labor laws behind this. I know if they are non-exempt, they should be paid overtime. But if an employee gets benefits, they are exempt right? What are the rules for white-collar workers?"

      It's my understanding that it varies from state to state. But in California the interesting bits are in Senate bill 88

      I wish it didn't make sense for ERTS employees to unionize but I can't think of another way to ensure that mega-huge employers treat the little guy fairly. For me, the bottom line is the fact that there's no way those guys would be working those kinds of hours for nothing if they were unionized.

      Most of would, if we were ERTS management, do the right thing and treat employees fairly and equitably within moral and legal frameworks. The problem is they don't think in terms of "what's right?" - they think in terms of "how little can we get away with paying?"

      We have laws against corporate exploitation because it's been proven time and time again that they're necessary.

    • "Were I an ERTS investor, I would start with a call for the immediate with-cause dismissal of Russell J. Rueff Jr."

      We should all demand this as citizens. If these workers are not defended by the rest of working Americans, then none of us are safe from greedy and unfaithful executives. Furthermore, those responsible did not just harm their employees and the many ERTS shareholders. Society has to pay the negative externalities caused by such mismanagement from increased health care costs from fatigue to the inevitable unemployment of disgruntled employees. Consider even the costs of administering the upcoming civil trial.

    • shinobi ninja,

      Your comments carry no water. Just because you know some guys at the EAC studio does not make you an expert on this subject.

      Take it from someone on the inside. Canada and the US have very different labor practises. The only reason that the EA Canada employees aren't forced into such brutal hours is due to more stricter labor laws in Canada that prevent such abuse. Read the web news. The class action exists in California.

      Though there may be soccer and football games in down times know one is playing sports and enjoying the sun when we are in the middle of these crunch hours. That is absurd.

      Don't talk like such a know it all when clearly you have no clue.

      My opinion is that the company will get over this but I am not sure what it will take.

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