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  • crazyNETcom crazyNETcom Sep 20, 2005 11:16 AM Flag


    You only need to own 1 stock.... that's goog.

    $350 by year end guaranteed!!!!

    QCOM & NVDA are also awesome picks...

    ERTS will hit $70 by year end!!!!

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    • Option has great risk. It happens, I also own QCOM stock and long-term leaps. Unlike you, I just unload my QCOM 30 Jan 07 calls few days ago at $8.00 (today at $8.80). Yes. Indeed, I made over 35% return on Option because the leverge (I could made more, but I still have stock). So I also don't understand why you compare stock with option.

      In the financial world, it's about beating the benchmark, the index. If you can outperform the index, you are the winner. 1 year T-Bond, only can give u riskfree rate of return of 3-4%. Since I stated many many many times on this msg board, (and I say it again)buying GOOG below $280 is risk-free investment, because it's "guaranteed" to hit $350 by year end. That's why I compare GOOG with T-bonds, not ERTS.

      I like ERTS, but after all, ERTS is not GOOG. And it doesn't have GOOG's potential. $350 is not the end for GOOG.

    • Crazy, if GOOG hits 350 by year end and ERTS hits 70 in the same timeframe, wouldn't that mean ERTS has a greater % upside and therefore be a better stock in the short term?

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