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  • nsthil nsthil Jun 6, 2006 4:24 PM Flag

    Hey Austin SOS!!!

    "This isn't the first time I've been wrong, won't be the last. Unlike you, I have the cajones to admit it"

    No you don't. You just finished blaming it all on the weak market. Sure did not help that ERTS numbers and guidance was stank and their valuation out of line. Nevertheless, I did not realize that investors make prognostications without considering the overall market and economy.

    Too funny that you would be calling me names once again. That is pretty much what you did with me and a whole lot of other posters here on this board that tried to warn you.

    Everyone is wrong sometimes but when you posted like you did and tried to belittle and discard others opinions as foolishness and garbage then you deserve whatever criticism you get.

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    • I'm with Nsthil on this one, Austin.

      You've yet to apologize to the rookies you led astray through all the arrogance with which you derided the "perma bears" as you call us. Particularly with your pretense of superior knowledge of the company and the industry.

      You went waaaay over the line with your arrogance, so you deserve no sympathy. At least not until you show that you understand not just that you made a bad call, but that you behaved badly while doing it. Far worse than you now accuse Nsthil of behaving.

      You truly owe it to others (particularly the rookies) to temper your comments in the future. Especially if you are going to respond to every post on the board that disagrees with you.

      Best of luck.

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