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  • fartsmonkey fartsmonkey Jan 22, 2007 9:32 PM Flag

    my revenue expectations are (drum roll)

    $3.05 bill for FY 2007

    EPS of .70 for the year

    4th q of 2007 .08

    beats on every level and eps guidance for 2008 upped to $1.50 or $1.60 for FY2008 on $3.5 bill

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    • I just don't like NTRI for some reason but I like the others. I still like MSFT, INTC, CHK, DUK, NOV (I've been averaging in below $55, even with a nasty chart), and the drillers. Oh yea, thanks and good luck to you to.

      BTW, what do you think ERTS earnings will be next FY? I'm still at $1.50 as previously stated.

    • didn't know we were critiquing spelling and typo's. Still good luck as I still believe pricing for this issue is closer to $40 that $55, but time will tell. On a different note the NTRI,(which I mentioned a few days ago) is acting great. Also soutern copper (PCU)+15%ytd, PKX from $59 cost are real investments that have each exploded recently. From a portfolio perspective some guys might want to diversify.

    • Now that's good research. Yes, I'm being serious.

      Good trading to all!!

    • Ditto and add my previous note as to TV watchers and DVR's in regard to ads. Companies are looking for alternatives to TV adds and video games will get a lot of that money. Take it to the bank...

    • You better let Google know that since, rumor is, there buying a video game ad company just like MSFT did. I'm no broker but that's some good interest that I think is on the right track. It becomes a type of subliminal advertising after the same co's ad's are seen again and again even if no immmideate action is taken.

      Also, the gamers are no more neutralized (that's eu not ue) than TV watchers skipping threw the adds like I do on my DVR.

      Good trading to all!!

    • Let me see.. 5 cents or $1.00? Well if I need to do a coin toss I'll take the nickle but if I'm playing Ships, Captains, Crew I'll take the dollar. (I'm not a former broker but I've played one). I'm not an avid game player but I have over 1600 flight hours and many of them were as thrilling as any video game!!!

      Good trading to all!!
      Semper Fi

    • Yep. and Spielberg is no slouch either so I wouldn't be surprised to hear some news on that front too. I love surprises!!..

    • "you have given me another angle by which to evaluate it" What* I've been saying those same points (and more) for months so you must not be paying attention. If you thin there's still risk to downside I suggest you buy some puts. Maybe you'll end up with some of the ones I'm writing.

    • Yeas, yes, yes.. Don't forget their Ubisoft position. They WILL be making another purchase this year also..

    • *What*.. You said "what does it command in it upcycle and how is that rationalized."

      -How about 1.50 in earnings in the fiscal year that starts in 2 months?? P divided by 1.50 will tell you that at 50 it's a steel.. try throwing $60 into the P equation and it's still a low industry P/E!! Have you lost your mind? Heck $70/1.50= P/E of 46.67. Are you seriously saying that it's overpriced and trading at too high a multipe?? You've GOT to be kidding, I hope. Sold to you (Puts that is)..

      Good trading to all!!!

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