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  • stockmarket_savant stockmarket_savant Apr 7, 2007 6:15 PM Flag



    I wonder about the marketing (headache) dynamics if each game released came in two formats (with ads or without) as far as the retailer trying to provide enough shelf space. The other obvious concern would be the increase in the development cost for two different formats. I guess in 10 or 15 years everything could be downloaded, maybe that�s the solution. Would the price be cheaper for a game with ads or cheaper for a game without, tough call? The problem is if a company pays a huge advertising fee for the placement of ads in a game, they certainly won�t want the consumer to have the ability to select a format.

    I thought this article (UPS) was interesting and made me wonder about counterfeit or piracy problems in these countries that are expected to continue their boom economically. Can a video game be copied? What preventive safeguards are already in place? Does anyone (techies) have any ideas?

    �The survey of 1,200 leaders of small- and mid-sized business enterprises (SME) in Asia also found wide agreement that China will surpass the United States as the world's largest consumer economy in 10 years or less.�

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