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  • sartre311 sartre311 Jun 23, 2010 3:22 AM Flag

    Why is this heading down?

    I don't see any major headlines, am I missing something?

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    • Wha ha ha ha ha!

      It's not easy being green.

    • Wow, it is like I am psychic or something! No actually I just look at the history and the bigger picture. Tough luck for all who sold at $14 and change and didn't sell their house to buy more EA. I margined the S%^t out of my account at $14.40 and am loving the choice 30 days later.

      To all the shorters, what's it feel like to be so wrong? Are you feeling stunned right now? Or are you upset your "bashing this board" plan didn't drive the stock price down? LOL at you clowns.

    • ssh00 Jun 30, 2010 5:52 PM Flag

      Well Maz, you were right, but not because of you 10/20 sma crossing "pattern" that you mention. This indicator is quite simply a TRAILING indicator of price movement in the past near term; it truly predicts very little--even in ERTS in the past year (as you've claimed to the contrary). Just look at it from that perspective (that it's just recent price movement) and you'll see what I mean. Whenever the trend changes... what do you know, it a few days or weeks, the 10 and 20 sma cross. Who would have thought!

    • Strong sell at $14.50 is your recommendation. I am your polar opposite I guess. We will soon see. If EA hits $13 you are/were definitely right. If this is the bottom and everyone loads up at this cost base, I believe they will win big by the end of October if not sooner. Current market conditions are pushing all stocks, most worse than ERTS down. Nothing but positive news coming out of EA. Very bright and solid future for this company. Personally I am a bit dumbfounded that it would get oversold to this point. March 9 2009 when the everyone thought the sky had fallen, the banks were done and we were seeing the end of democracy, ERTS bottomed along with every other stock at $15.34. Now that we are out of that ridiculous panic I am amazed that ERTS would trade below that price based on a positive future outlook. Therefore I can only recommend a huge buying opportunity as occurred March 9 2009. Selling your stock at this point and crystallizing a loss is IMO the worst advise one could give another.

    • "Stocks are about looking toward the future not the past." I would have to agree with you monk, however I want you to keep an open mind. I have been using charts to trade for over 20 years and have made good money doing so. Looking to the past to predict the future is simply studying human nature and less to do with company fundimentals. If you look back at the chart at mid Feb 2010 you will see that the 10 day MA just kissed the 20 day but could not get above it. after that the price plunged. Now look a few days back you will see the exact same thing. the price went from 16 to where we are now. Now if you look back to Mar you will see the 10 day break the 20 day at around 16.50 signaling a true up trend and your signal to buy at that point. the stock went from 16.50 to 20 on an good run. I know I keep preaching that this stock is going to 12-13 and that is just a guess, what Im realy trying to say is stop buying on the way down, because no one can truely pick a bottom we can however see when a stock is falling with no sign of stopping. So I would sugest that you do not buy untill the 10 day breaks and holds above the 20 day. That will be your signal that the trend is heading up and a safe entry point.I know it suks to sit and watch your stock free fall and theres nothing you can do about it. But if you would have listened to that chart back in may when the 10 day fell below the 20 day at 19.50 you would have sold then as I did and shorted at that point. Im not here to make anyone mad or anything, I simply want to teach others to look at all their ways to make money, and using the charts in addition to other tools will increase your profits and help you cut your losses. We can never know what people are going to do, but when they do it they all do it at the same time, and the charts reflect that. So regardless as to where this stock bottoms, I suggest not buying untill the 10 day climbs above the 20 day and holds. good luck all

    • Stocks are about looking toward the future not the past. Their predicted EPS for Mar 2011 is +$0.65. Pretty nice turn around from -$2.08. And that is going to dump a whole lot more money in the kitty. I would love to own a "POS company" that has no debt, $2 billion in cash and turns a profit. Not to mention is the leader in its sector. $14.84 is ridiculous for this stock and was a MASSIVE buying opportunity.

    • >>Do u really think that EA only gets $3 per account, i mean it cost $15 each month for the players to play it.<<

      Yes, that's consistent with the contribution margins of most MMOs.

    • "It's down because it is an over priced POS - relative to it's peer group. Why would you want a stock that has a NEGATIVE $2.08/share PE these days? It took a long time to come down. Your looking at a soon to be $5-8 stock by end of year. "

      EA have less people on the paylist and are making MUCH better games.
      The cash flow is also really good.

      EA was to hig at 40 bucks but are to low at 15 bucks, but we will c how it turns out.

      Look at , Medal of honor is nr 3 right now off the best selling games and its 4 months to realese.

      Old republic will be something heavy, i talk to my firends that plays WOW and everybody tells me the same story, they are feed up whit it and will try Old republic, is it good then they stick to Old republic.

    • ssh00 Jun 24, 2010 3:35 PM Flag

      $6/share is in cash, Buffett.

    • Probably because they made most of their Apple games a buck for two days. It's the only thing EA does that moves in volume.

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