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  • bomber1882 bomber1882 Jul 12, 2011 5:30 PM Flag

    ERTS to buy COOL next imo.

    Valuation would be $7+

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    • LOL! Keep dreaming.

    • They have no income to add to their cash on hand and they just spend 41% of their money on POPCAP. Why would they buy COOL?

      Woe is ETRS. It looks like they are giving up their core gaming sector in defeat and switching to social gaming. What a waste when they could of had both. Well, it isn't like JR didn't say it again and again to us. "The future is digital revenues and we are switching to making that our main focus." Ditching a massively solid foundation to focus on a fly by night trend. The big companies and telcoms will figure out ways to kill this productivity killer and it will all be over.

      In this job market you want to be playing angry birds or tending to your farmville while your boss is looking over your shoulder.

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      • The simple fact is that the trend in computing and, ergo, gaming is the internet, NOT game consoles or programs sold in boxes. EA has clearly set it's flag as to the course it intends to pursue; the future instead of the past. Once this transition unfolds, the cashflow and margin possibilities will clearly be incredible. Once upon a time some folks were raising hell at other people for putting their money into the horseless carriage industry/ies and not investing in the clearly necessary buggy whip industry. We all know how that one turned out. Just a thought. dales53

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