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  • sly1toyou sly1toyou Oct 27, 2011 7:13 PM Flag

    Cash Balance

    Does anyone know what ERTS' cash balance is after this report? Somehow Activision makes money every quarter but EA keeps losing, when will they stop spending and start earning.

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    • Are u really 43 years old and think that u are the best trader in the world when u dont manage to earn money on EA? =)

      If i where u,, i problably play monopol instead.

    • I don't know if it is a language issue for you but you sound like a 12 year old. Grow up or shut up. You are just embarrassing yourself. This is an adult board for financial discussion regarding EA.

    • I too am a short term trader. I think it will trade with the marcro economic climate as it usually does until we get a catalyst, probably in the form of information on Battlefield 3 sales, then STWOR release for XMas might turn some heads. With the NASDAQ 2740 I am figuring a correction is coming.

      Then again I am simply baffled by ERTS's stock movement yesterday and the guidance the company gave. Wish I had played the banks rather than tying up my money for the EA Earnings call. I'd be up 10% for the day instead of flat.

    • I don't think this stock will see $20 again.

      Never say never; so I won't say never, but highly unlikely.

      If there was a quarter to f**k up it was this quarter and they passed with a B/B+ in my view.

      Net quarter they'll beat street estimates and raise for the FY March 2012.

      and FY 2013 estimates are completely wrong, should be $1.30 - $1.50 EPS in my opinion (based on margin structure recovery and good growth in the console market)

    • I personally think ERTS is setup for dominance in the video game industry. The quality of their products are by far superior to any of their competitors. They made a few great aquisitions over the past few years and if Star Wars is the WOW Killer then this stock will kill it in 2012. In my opinion, BF3 keeps improving and ignore the reviews, I beat it and it will be tough for MW3 to match that quality in the SP. MP is a different story but I buy games for SP. Anyways, with their game lineup for the Holiday Season and 2012, I dont see how they can fail. Plus, do they not have 0 debt? So as you can see, I am a firm believer that this stock is a Buy if Star Wars is a success its a LOCK to be a Strong Buy. I am a short term trader and for those of you who follow the stock, do you think right this second is a good time to jump in and see a rebound early next week or do you think this will drop to 23 or even 21? If it hits 21, If it hits 20-21 I will load up the truck and go long term but this question is referring to a short term play. Thanks in advance.

    • Couldn't come up with a better example. Nicely done Redsnake.

    • Ah, that explains it Sweds are p ricks. LOL

    • pretty sure he's from Sweden...

    • Don't bash on me pump boy, I have been supporting my family doing this for 11 years now. I am up $93,000 for October and up 187% for the year. I was hoping to make $120-170K on this earnings report and instead made $600. Yes, I am angered by this non-event. I like people from the Netherlands, don't be the one to change my opinion. And like all Europeans you fall into the same intelligence hole, I'm Canadian.

    • yeh i mean they failed to raise guidance to the point that it would ignite a 10% rally today

      but the quarter was fundamentally sound

      if the stock were down 10-15% today i'd be furious

      but in light of july and august when ERTS was having -7% to -10% days

      i consider this earnings call a NON-EVENT

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