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  • gamevilla_com gamevilla_com Jan 15, 2012 10:13 PM Flag

    SWTOR doing well ...

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    • I have been playing SWTOR since the day after Xmas when my brother (age 44) called me and said he loves the game. We are both former WOW players (I am age 40). I mentioned it to the other guys I work with and found that two of them were already playing. We all have good jobs and are completely addicted to the game already. I like it a lot more than WOW simply because of all the Star Wars lore that we are all so familiar with.

      My son (age 10) has a level 7 Jedi that he plays when I am not hogging the PC.
      I am playing pure Empire evil Sith and Bounty Hunters.

      Great game. All of the in game chat in the general channels is about how people are dumping their WOW accountst for SWTOR.

      There are a few minor bugs, but overall very smooth for a new MMO. I have done WOW and RIFT. But I am done with those and sticking to SWTOR for the near future. There seems to be enough content currently to keep the casual gamer busy for 6-12 months. When I log in and see the server list each night, many of them have "Heavy" listed for the server load.

      Based on all of that and reviewing a bit of the stock and other products, I took a small position in EA today at $18. Hopefully the February numbers confirm my own opinion of the game.

    • There is only one Bethesda. Unfortunately, it's not an invest-able idea. Neither is Steam.

    • The market for MMO's is large. Not as big as say shooters but there are a lot of people who actually enjoy character building games like traditional style RPG's. You son sounds like someone who enjoys games with more immediate gratification which is the way most games are going but that does not mean that there isn't a market and a big fan-base for the latter. There is still a market of about 15-20m people who love MMO style gameplay and they will never play games like BF, CoD or other types of action games. Games like Skyrim (bethesda) are temporary. You play them for about 1 month tops (most finished it in about 2 weeks) then its over so back to the MMO they go to satisfy their RPG hunger.

      So anyway, the market is there but someone needs to capture it. WoW is basically dying out of age and no other reason. Games like ToR might be acting as a catalyst to speed up death but as of today I am still not sure it will be the next big mmo with 10m+ players. It does sport the best MMO launch in history but its too early to say if it will retain its players and grow. On the sideline till things are clearer.

    • (1) There are gamers who enjoy MMORPGs (and the associated "grind"), and there are gamers who DON'T enjoy MMORPGs. It sounds like your son doesn't enjoy them, or is burnt out on them and will come back to them from time to time.

      There are gamers who aren't that into shooters or sports games.

      There are 10 million who play World of Warcraft despite the grind.

      If gamers don't like MMOs they probably won't be interested in playing WOW or SWTOR for more than a month before they put it down. If a bunch of their gaming friends are playing a particular MMO, the temptation will be there for those who don't enjoy MMOs as much to play in order to stick with their gaming community.

    • I wonder where they get their numbers. Too bad it isn't EA reporting this, then it would spread through the news feeds. Silence is turning out to be deadly.

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