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  • iamshirazy iamshirazy Mar 28, 2012 5:37 PM Flag

    Any comments

    I don't give a rats @$$ about SWTOR, and I think the hype around it is BS. The real money is going to reel in from technology investors when EA really expands and continues to develop their line into mobile, facebook, and tablet gaming. At that point, with a few fixes on Origin, I feel EA will take off. It won't be short term, but that all depends if you plan to trade short or long.

    IMO, EA may drop down again to 16.50s or 16.30s then quickly shoot up to 17s again. Currently it's a day traders dream, so until any announcements, I expect to see swings.

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    • I respect your comments alot. What exact price are you buying and what price selling?


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      • To be honest, I never aim for a price. I check the MACD mostly for short term trades and look at noticeable patterns.

        For example:

        Strong resistance upward yesterday and strong resistance downward today. Without even having to check, I know there are tightening bollingers.
        It seems that around 16.33 is our best support, with 16.41 being the next support. The big resistances are 17.50 and under that around 17.21.
        I've also noticed EA rarely keeps the same pattern for the day that it does in the first 30 minutes. Today is an example, we were green, then, shot down 2.5%.
        RSI is *toward* but not *at* oversold, and MACD lines are tight with no indicator of direction.

        So, short term, the stock is just there. It will swing and doesn't appear to have any indication that it's going to keep going down or keep going up. The 17.50 resistance or 16.33 support need to be broken for that to happen, at least if you want to get some chart traders in here to help momentum, which I always find important.

        If tomorrow it goes down again, I will buy when the slopes are no longer sharp. To clarify, sharp declines in price that continue over a few minutes is a sharp slope, where declines slowly over a longer period of time obviously make a less intense slope. I've noticed a lot of sharp slopes here, so if I see a strong one tomorrow that tests 16.50s, I'll buy. But realistically, it's a play for little return, as it only needs 5-6% to get back up to 17.50 where it will hit a wall again, imo, until news is announced.

        If you want an easily readable example of what Im talking about, use that same website to look up INO.
        The 50 day crossed the 200 day (with the current price over the 50), which is a positive indicator and it's gone up the last 3 days since then. The bollingers are opening rather than tightening, showing a growing interest in that stock. The black MACD line crossed the red, showing a strong swing in buying pressure. The bar tails have shown drops only to close positive, which is also great. It is at a resistance point right now of .70, which you can see has been hit before in history. If it doesn't break tomorrow, I expect it to go down. If it DOES break, then next level is about .90!

        So, for EA, it needs to break 17.50 to get to it's resistance at 18. If it breaks that, then it should be good to go all the way to about mid 19s or low 20s.

        I do believe in fundamentals too, yes, but without news and not really much hype surrounding EA right now, it's going to be a technical trader's dream until news is released. Therefore, until they release more info about their ongoing commitments to pursue and develop the future for games, I'm relying on those technical numbers alone.
        And right now, they are screaming neutral.

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