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  • moneyblackhole moneyblackhole May 9, 2012 3:56 PM Flag

    SWTOR to lose TONS of players in June/July

    Found a hardcore gamer forum through google.

    "There's going to be a huge dropoff at the end of June/beginning of July for people (like me) that bought a 6 month subscription. I already cancelled and haven't touched my account in a couple months. "

    "For me its not that it isn't good its that you are essentially paying a monthly fee for a single player experience with a few mmo additions. It doesn't seem to implement the multiplayer aspect of it in a very meaningful way."

    "My problem is that's it's a WoW clone but doesn't do anything better than WoW other than story telling, but MMO's live and die by the end game. Plus, the end game in SWTOR was beaten within the first week of release, something that should never have happened. It's not the smoothest game either, there were a ton of bugs and glitches that plagued it while I was playing. Not to mention the only thing kept me going was my class story but at level 44 it got so stupid and boring that I had no reason to keep playing so I stopped. It's just not worth the investment, in my opinion. "

    "Funny thing happened over this weekend. It was about 5am PST and my buddy and I (not in a sober state of mind) decided to see if we could get into a FP. Login, ask around and wait. My buddy then decides while we wait he will see what is happening on WoW. Guess what? He gets into a raid @ 5am in the morning in less than 5 minutes, while I am just sitting in an empty fleet."

    "Meanwhile, Bibeau said that retention for the game had been good among core MMORPG users and the subscribers <sic> loss were casual players.
    Oh really? I can name 10 guilds on our server alone that have since left and are FAR from casual gamers. These guys are so out of touch with reality and vilifying the casual crowd as the deserters is hilarious. This game was built from the ground up with casual gamers in mind; so much so it makes me sick and ultimately why I left."

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