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  • ccsharks ccsharks Aug 8, 2012 10:17 AM Flag

    EA's "run to daylight" starts 8/28/12

    Fudnamentass are in place, look at the 2 year chart look for the August- NOV time frame, earnings versus estimates for Q3 yoy, look at PPS buy low sell high a concept that may be new to you. As far as getting information on what the consumer wants well that worked for Peter Lynch pretty well and I always keep that in mind along with fundamentals before I purchase a stock. Just admit it you are a short that made a mistake shorting EA below the teen level.

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    • Predicting movement based on charts is not fundamentals, its voodoo magic. Fundamentals are saying the opposite of your prediction. We are at the tail end of a console gen. Sales are slumping all round, not just for EA. Here is another fundamental you ignore, EA enjoyed the biggest video game boom in history over the last 10 years and somehow they added absolutely nothing to shareholder value. In fact they are worth less today post the greatest video game spike in history than before.

      I love gaming but I am not a fool when it comes to investing in gaming. All gaming related stuff will be slow and down the next year or so until next gen consoles are out.

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      • You say "until" and that is not true. The stock will climb in anticipation of the upcoming release of new consoles. Investors will look to the companies that have good fundamentals, like no debt and earning income with a broad and diverse product portfolio. You say EA missed out on the last 10 year golden age of gaming?!! In 2007 I bought between $40 and $44 in August and sold in October at $61.95 for a profit of $529K. Buy low, sell high. EA isn't not going lower that $11 which was stupid investor fear and ignorance, it was a MASSIVE buying opportunity for the short and long term holder. Brain up.

    • Not at all I have 20,000 EA shares and am very excited about the future of this stock. Just sick of the "my son really likes the game" investment philosophy. Didn't work for STWOR which was all the rage with all the "sons" and "college fratboys".

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