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  • monkabc3 monkabc3 Aug 12, 2012 12:09 PM Flag

    EA's "run to daylight" starts 8/28/12

    You say "until" and that is not true. The stock will climb in anticipation of the upcoming release of new consoles. Investors will look to the companies that have good fundamentals, like no debt and earning income with a broad and diverse product portfolio. You say EA missed out on the last 10 year golden age of gaming?!! In 2007 I bought between $40 and $44 in August and sold in October at $61.95 for a profit of $529K. Buy low, sell high. EA isn't not going lower that $11 which was stupid investor fear and ignorance, it was a MASSIVE buying opportunity for the short and long term holder. Brain up.

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    • 2006 was a fluke based on insane valuations and people buying into the great gaming boom that was pervading the news. People thought that the growth was going to continue at a 20% clip indefinitely. Stock valuation are not what I would call "fundamentals". Fundamentals are internal business measures such as book value. What was their BV back then? What is now? 40% less? How the heck does that happen after a huge business boom? On top of that no dividends were paid so really there was no value added at all to investors the last 9 years. This is the question everyone needs to be asking. Where did all the money go and will they do it again?

      I agree that no debt is great but it didnt keep them from losing insane amounts of money. As for when the stock will start moving, you cant keep fleecing people forever. People will catch on just as I noticed their performance, so will others thus they will be much more cautious this time around so its possible that investors will wait and see till after the consoles are released.

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