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  • austin5547 austin5547 Aug 16, 2012 11:47 AM Flag

    Told you

    "Told you?" You have a lot of nerve, buddy.

    For those that haven't followed this stock or the posts of this individual for long, this guy, along with his cohort Dale53, was talking up EA to no end at levels much higher than this. Claims that SWTOR and ME3, etc., would take the stock to the high 20s were flying fast and furious.

    The facts are clear: Until EA cleans out the corner offices and acquires a management team that 1) Knows how to succeed and 2) Demonstrates to Wall Street that they know how to succeed, caveat emptor.

    My guidance now is the same cautionary tone I deployed when the unwashed were claiming SWTOR would challenge WoW: Do your homework.

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    • Austin the quintessential basher of EA. No, I don't pump EA I did agree with some back in November that EA could go from $23 to $26 or $28. It didn't, I paid the price.

      Selling at $11 were you? Sour grapes? I've got the nerve because I said this sell off and UNBELIEVABLY poor promotion, marketing and public relations, a virtual black hole of corporate response to every question about the company while the stock got destroyed from $23 to $10.77 made no sense.

      Doing a press release from the Austin Studio that SWTOR has achieved 1.7 million subscribers on the day where 2 hours prior that exact information was released in the earnings call. People were waiting for that information for 3 critical months while the stock got pummeled on negative speculation.

      There is only one reason a company as mature as EA screws up that bad. They are wanting to go private. That is why I posted that through all of this ridiculous unexplainable poor PR or entire lack there of did I think that a private equity firm like Blackrock would be a likely candidate for a buyout vs. Apple or MSFT or GOOG or Disney buying them in that discussion thread.

      What do you offer this board other than "EA sucks", "Ea Management sucks", "EA is a single digit stock"? That's my nerve. Point out that Buy low sell high is a good investment strategy when the stock is at a 20 year low? That is bad advice? Go be a troll somewhere else, you offer nothing to the community here.

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      • >>Selling at $11 were you? Sour grapes?<<

        Nope. I have not had a position in EA since last year, if you'll recall. My last trade was to cover a very profitable little short.

        Simply put, your pumping was dead wrong, and your poo-pooing of the concerns I raised leading up to the launch of SWTOR were born of uneducated hubris and jittery desperation.

        And now you have the unmitigated gall to start thumping your chest after a couple of little bumps?

        Nobody on this board should lend you any credence whatsoever.

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