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  • monkabc3 monkabc3 Aug 16, 2012 12:29 PM Flag

    Told you

    Austin the quintessential basher of EA. No, I don't pump EA I did agree with some back in November that EA could go from $23 to $26 or $28. It didn't, I paid the price.

    Selling at $11 were you? Sour grapes? I've got the nerve because I said this sell off and UNBELIEVABLY poor promotion, marketing and public relations, a virtual black hole of corporate response to every question about the company while the stock got destroyed from $23 to $10.77 made no sense.

    Doing a press release from the Austin Studio that SWTOR has achieved 1.7 million subscribers on the day where 2 hours prior that exact information was released in the earnings call. People were waiting for that information for 3 critical months while the stock got pummeled on negative speculation.

    There is only one reason a company as mature as EA screws up that bad. They are wanting to go private. That is why I posted that through all of this ridiculous unexplainable poor PR or entire lack there of did I think that a private equity firm like Blackrock would be a likely candidate for a buyout vs. Apple or MSFT or GOOG or Disney buying them in that discussion thread.

    What do you offer this board other than "EA sucks", "Ea Management sucks", "EA is a single digit stock"? That's my nerve. Point out that Buy low sell high is a good investment strategy when the stock is at a 20 year low? That is bad advice? Go be a troll somewhere else, you offer nothing to the community here.

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    • >>Selling at $11 were you? Sour grapes?<<

      Nope. I have not had a position in EA since last year, if you'll recall. My last trade was to cover a very profitable little short.

      Simply put, your pumping was dead wrong, and your poo-pooing of the concerns I raised leading up to the launch of SWTOR were born of uneducated hubris and jittery desperation.

      And now you have the unmitigated gall to start thumping your chest after a couple of little bumps?

      Nobody on this board should lend you any credence whatsoever.

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      • I think the stock is going back down in the short term. What do you guys think?

      • I don't recall, I don't put to memory the 8 month-old rants of a short-selling msg board donkey such as yourself. If you call $10.77 to $14.39 a "couple of little bumps", you are a fool and probably a liar who is currently hurting from stupidly shorting when the stock was at its lowest.

        I never pumped, and I was concerned about the amount of emphasis being put on SWTOR as a "WOW Killer". My positive attitude towards EA has always been about their growth in mobile, social and digital. Which is paying out in spades right now. I was never a SWTOR fanboy, you must be thinking about someone else.

        Even if it is just rumor, it turns all eyes to a company that is oversold, has no debt and makes money and will be making increasingly more money as the years roll by.

        If you don't have a position in EA STFU, why are you even here? Short it Austin, talk to you in October okay.

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