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  • javajunky215 javajunky215 Mar 7, 2013 11:32 AM Flag


    Sim City will turn out to be the biggest disaster at EA in 20 years. Sim City 4 was published in January of 2003. It had a loy fan base, these people playing the same game with mods for 10 Years. EA wanted some more revenue from the fan base, pushed out a new release taking little from the existing game that everyone loves. Single player requires a connection to the internet? Claimed gold status on pre-sales but dont have any servers for people to play on. DRM that breaks the game. At the time of this post 700 reviews on Amazon - 620 have a 1 Star rating. This is the evolution of the new business model. Complete design of the game based on what the EA wants and ignoring the players. An absolute disgrace. EA really needs to offer refunds. I refused to buy the game because the always on internet requirement for single player discriminates against the military.

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    • management needs to go. i think an activist investor would do well with this stock. it has the games just poorly managed. they #$%$ money away on buying #$%$ companies and cant pay for some servers?

    • While Amazon is actually refunding its customers. EA is telling its customers they can't get refunds and if they cancel thier credit cards EA will ban the Origin account. So you lose the ability to play all your EA games if you attempt call the credit card company and tell them the product is defective. I smell a class action law suit.

    • doesn't matter. nobody can even play the game even if they wanted to. As for thqisbankrupt, he doesn't know the difference between DRM and always online. You can buy a game from steam and play it offline. Even if you lose your connection you can still play because your purchase has already been authenticated. With the junk that EA is peddaling you have always have a broadband internet connection to play the game... even if you just want to play solo. EA scrood the pooch on this one.

    • Wow really? You know zero about modern video games. When was the last time you purchased from Steam? What about Blizzard? DRM is the rule, not the exception. You're crazy if you think they are somehow targeting the gamers in the military with the intention of #$%$ hem off.

      Sim City (all of them) sucks. If you liked Sim City 2003 then that probes you have bad taste.

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      • You're a moron.
        1. There is no SimCity 2003.
        2. Blizzard doesn't require a persistent online connection for my Starcraft single-player game.
        3. Valve (Steam) is even more liberal with their DRM. I have 20 games on Steam that they just need me to log in once in a while and I can play offline to my heart's content.

        What EA is doing goes completely against the industry norm and you will see the stock price drop correspondingly in this coming quarter. Most game sales happen in the first week of release and they've botched this so badly that sales will plummet. It's really unfortunate as this could have been such a cash cow for the company.

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