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  • icoracle777 icoracle777 May 3, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

    Time for Fiesta 1 of 2

    Sweet Caroline’s angels in the outfield
    It’s been a rough couple of weeks with the all that has happened in Boston. I was with the Boston folks while tooling around Cape Cod and getting g stuck in a roundabout a few times before being able to make a turn to our destination ( like National Lampoons Vacation LOL). I also remember getting lost around the world famous alma mater of Harvard on the way to enjoying some great chowda’ at Legal Seafood and also being a fan for a day of the RedSox while enjoying an ice cold beer down the left field line at Fenway. Two mad bombers attacked our homeland, and we were terrorized, but Boston people are tough and strong and if anything they have become tougher and stronger.

    An Apple A day
    One of the best hydration drinks out there is Gatorade, so pick up a refreshing bottle for the hot days ahead.

    Alive or not (answers at the end of the post)
    James de La Rosa (boxer)
    Harry Connick jr.(is he on Ellen or not on 5/8)
    Sophia Vargas
    Paul Reubens ( Pee Wee Herman)
    Eva Langoria
    Hugo Chavez
    Seve Ballesteros

    Mark, Mark 5 pickup lines for Cinco de mayo
    It’s time to get the party started once again. The fun starts on Friday and lasts all weekend. Here are five pick up lines and a cocktail recipe that will help get the party started
    1- Hi my name is ___.
    2- I couldn’t help noticing you sitting here. You look like you could use a friend.
    3- Compliment them. That’s a really nice T-shirt. Where did you buy it? It really helps if you are wearing sports gear like a team jersey. This keeps the conversation going.
    4- You’re so pretty you made me forget my pick up line.
    5- You’ll have better luck with the top four, so here are a few if you are feeling bold- Just bing Pickup lines and MaximBady

    Black Mexican cocktail-
    1oz tequila
    1 oz Kahlua
    Combine ingredients in a glass add ice and stir.
    Light ‘em up Salute Have some fun in the sun

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    • It should be 5 cents
      Insurance is always important so check out MetLife (target 45) Orange and Blue are the colors for this go around.

      Check it out
      -Selena Gomez has a new album out (and so does Justin Timberlake by the way) check it out.
      - Rihanna's documentary called 777 will be on Fox on Monday May 6th at 8 PM.

      Little over 20 years ago a band called Bon Jovi went on a break and Jon Bon Jovi went solo and put out the Young Guns Soundtrack aka Blaze of Glory. The album was amazingly spiritual and had Christian, and Native American themes (Miracle, Bang a drum,). Fortunately the band got back together after that break and they released many albums including their newest album called “Because we can” that is again spiritual with songs like “Amen” and “That’s what the water made me”. So buy the album and be a fan for life. They will be with you growing up and help you through the formative years.

      Remember to pray. If you forgot how, you don’t need to fold your hands, and you don’t need to go to temple or your place of worship. Say it with your heart your soul and believe it and end it the way you were taught. Amen. If you find it difficult to pray for yourself, then pray for your friends. You’ll feel better.

      This and all my posts are dedicated to my friends. I feel you. Live strong. Peace.


      Disclosure: I am not paid for anything I post here. I am completely independent. I am going to try to write something at least once a month.. Next post is around May 27th. Copyrights are owned by their respective companies

      Alive, alive, alive ,alive, alive, not, not

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