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  • icoracle777 icoracle777 Jul 27, 2013 6:26 AM Flag

    Feeling Lucky 1 of4

    Just a reminder, independence has its benefits. I’m not paid for anything I write here.
    Bejeweled by my city by the bay
    A lucky moment for the majority of passengers on Asiana flight 214. Fortunately for the quick thinking of the flight crew and the emergency first responders many people survived what looked like a horrific plane crash. San Francisco got it done- 415 to the 911. Almost all of the flights into San Francisco are uneventful though. This city is very diverse, except at Fruitvale Station, and you see the diversity; unlike cities like Phoenix and Sanford where it appears that the diversity is in hiding except at sporting events LOL. San Fran is a nice city with great places to eat and it’s always fun taking a cable car to Fisherman’s Wharf or a boat ride to Alcatraz. At the Wharf you can grab some shhhriiiimp at Bubba Gump’s or some ice cream and chocolate at Ghirardelli’s (life is like a box of chocolates!).

    A Joke-pick em-You just got to laugh at this stuff
    Why were there no black men among the 19 firemen that died (RIP) in the Arizona wildfire?
    1- They were just quicker.
    2- Oh you mean Latroy? He works at Wal-Mart.
    3- Billy? He’s light skinned.
    4- Arizona? Isn’t that in Israel?
    5- The Diamondbacks were on.
    6- They’re home playing Madden.
    7- They’re gangsters.
    8- They all moved to Detroit.
    9- Whitman’s Sampler

    Reason to Celebrate-It’s a boy
    The birth of Prince George and Independence days are always a good reason to celebrate. With Indian Independence Day right around the corner you might opt for a Heineken, a Chivas on the rocks or a Glenfiddich neat, but here is a recipe for a Red, White and Rangpur:

    • 1-1/2 ounces Rangpur gin
    • 1 ounce fresh key lime juice
    • 3/4 ounce simple syrup
    • 3-4 fresh raspberries
    • 3 ounces club soda
    • fresh raspberry for garnish

    In a Collins glass, muddle raspberries with simple syrup and lime juice. Add ice and gin, and stir well. Add more ice and top with club soda.

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    • Light em up. Salute. Please Drink Responsibly

      That’s what the water made me
      When you get tired of drinking the purple Kool Aid, you might just want a nice bottle of refreshing water. When tap just won’t do, grab a bottle of Nestle Pure Life. It’s filtered or distilled to remove the impurities that you find in regular tap water and they add back the minerals so the water has that crisp taste. Grab a case at your local supermarket, WalMart or Target.

      Take it from the top
      We all are trying to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and eat healthier overall. One of the best ways to play this is with a top tomato stock called Fairway Markets (FWM Five Year target Range 36 -44- Colors Red and White#$%$’s a secret). I arrived at my target by looking at the number of Whole Foods in the Northeast and extrapolating the growth that Fairway should be able to attain through store growth.
      Pushing the Button-While this company can easily grow the number of stores, especially with the real estate available from the closed Border stores and Linens and Things, it still has some things it needs to work out. It looks like it is trying to be both Stew Leonard’s and Whole foods but is still ironing out some of the details. While the store I visited had top produce,fish,meat and deli, it also sold the cookies and cereal that you would find in the non-health food isle of the supermarket. It also did not make the consumer want to visit the store for a mid-week snack or prepared meal i.e. no soft serve Ice cream and no pizza and no compelling sweet treats (although they did have rotisserie chicken, and a cafe). The store I visited was very poorly organized, yet when I found the area I was looking for, there was a wide selection of products. For example, when I was looking for ginger ale there were over 20 brands of ginger ale. At your supermarket you might find three or four and at Trader Joes you only have 1,Reeds-It’s Jamaican mon and it will make you Joomp an Shout LOL,

      • 1 Reply to icoracle777
      • ); granted I visited the Brooklyn store before Hurricane Sandy and things might have changed. Stew Leonard’s has snob appeal even though they on occasion sell Ruffles potato chips. The question is will people gather round the Ruffles at Fairway? Oh by the way, when you go here please take the produce from the top, if you’re tall enough, otherwise you’ll have to pick up all the stuff that fell down. Now that never happened at Stew Leonard’s.

        Check this out
        - Some of the sweetest corn of the season is available in your produce aisle. You don’t need to be an iron chef to enjoy this quickly. You just need to dip the corn and husk in salty water and then put it right on the grill or shuck the corn at the store and steam it in a pot for 15 minutes (it takes longer to boil it).
        - Ciara has a new album out. Besides the TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE SONG: DUI, you’ll be singing give me more with the rest of the album and it will keep you coming back. If you like catchy singles, download Livin’ it Up a duet with Nicki Minaj and Overdose.
        - Elsyium is in theaters on August 9th. See it on the Big Screen or maybe it’s Achamma?
        -Papa was a rolling stone- Terrorist Jahar Tsarnaev turns rock star on the cover of Rolling Stone.
        - Copper tops the shows to watch on BBC. It’s a great show that is as old school as it gets but surprisingly current and very entertaining. If you like cop shows like Law and Order check this out. Rated M for occasional Nudity.
        -Some other shows worth a look include Siberia and American Ninja Warrior (Only Ninja can kill Ninja lol) on NBC, Covert Affairs on USA and Nine for IX on ESPN so set your DVR’s.
        -Most of what I didn’t learn in college I learned from reading the New York Times and the Economist. Go to Travel Zoo or Groupon for an amazing deal on a subscription to the Economist and call 1800-NY TIMES for deals on the NY Times. If you don’t miss the smell of paper and the ink on your hands, just read them on your ipad.

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