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  • icoracle777 icoracle777 Aug 25, 2013 7:32 PM Flag

    Big Boy, Bootylicious, 87 technicals 1 of 5

    Just a reminder, independence has its benefits. I’m not paid for anything I write here.

    Congratulations to the Jersey 16 for winning the Powerball lottery. Atlantic City is open for all the folks that feel lucky. Hurricane Sandy did not impact the boardwalk so make a trip and visit Caesars, Revel or any of the other fine casinos. Make a weekend of it.

    No one wants to be teased for being scrawny. We all want something bigger on our bodies unless the dingo ate your baby. The following products have all the needed ingredients to deliver on their promises:
    If you are trying to transform yourself from bones to a more average weight then CB8 weight gainer is for you (Muscle Milk or whey protein work great as well). Guys that want more confidence where it counts should give Extenze a try. And ladies ever wonder why guys always look you in the eye? If you want a bigger butt or breasts then BustMaxx is the formula for you.

    No Drooling
    Nothing says pizza like a Sicilian (square pie) corner slice. It has the crisp and super crunchy edges and the gooey melted cheese. The problem is there are only four of these in a normal pie. Little Caesars has figured out how to double your pleasure with their new Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza Pizza deal. 8 corner slices that you can take home and savor. There is nothing like that garlic and tomato smell in your car, that makes you want to tear into the box right away. It’s almost as good as the new car scent. Pick some up today.

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    • Smack it up. Flip it. Rub it down.
      With Labor Day around the corner, you want to have plenty of Pepsi, Diet Coke and Mountain Dew on hand for the big bash. Here’s a cocktail that will help smooth it all out:
      1 oz butterscotch schnapps
      1 oz Bailey's® Irish cream
      2 oz milk
      1 oz crushed ice

      Mix butterscotch schnapps with Bailey's Irish cream then pour milk over the mixture. Add crushed ice. Let it sit for just a minute to mix well.
      Light ‘em up. Salute. Please drink responsibly.

      Pick ‘em
      If you got some cute baby cakes, might as well show em off (A butt that makes you turn around and catch up to its owner.)
      Alana de la Garza (Former ADA Connie Rubirosa on Law and Order now staring in Do No Harm on NBC)
      Mariah Carey
      Jennifer Lopez
      Rachael Leigh Cook (star of Perception on TNT)
      Sofia Vergara
      Miley Cyrus (twerk it girl)
      Kim Kardashian
      Christina Aguilera (From the Rock but Jersey strong)
      Channing Tatum (Magic Mike)
      Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Franklin & Bash on TNT)
      Joe Manganiello (True Blood)
      Alex Rodriguez (insert butt joke here LOL)
      The Rock
      David Beckam
      Ricky Martin

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      • The Big D
        In the coming deflationary wave, bigger is better but it’s a new horizon. We will see resource prices dropping and everything from potash to potatoes to petroleum will fall and the survivors will be the gorillas of the industry. Resources aren’t the only thing that will fall. We already see cellular phone service prices falling. Metro PCS has a bring your own phone option that costs as low as $40/month with unlimited talk, text and (un)limited data. Straight Talk has a similar plan for $45/month. Virgin Mobile has a service for $35/month with limited talk (200Min) and (un)limited data and texting and T-Mobile has a similar plan with 100 minutes at $30/month. We will be seeing a major consolidation of these companies in the coming years as already witnessed by the Sprint takeover by Softbank. One of the survivors will be Verizon (colors blue and grey target 54). The questions will be if Verizon can pick up its’ smaller competitors on the cheap, and how will Verizon compete when their cheapest all inclusive plan is $60/month. Since this company has tons of cash flow, expect them to offer a plan similar to Straight Talk at Target stores under a different brand, or to buy T-Mobile in the coming months. The market seems to be following the bearish patterns of 1987 so be cautious with any new position taken.

        Bad boys bad Boys what you gonna do?
        I’m a fan of reality tv, and one of my favorite shows is COPS. It seems that every bad guy on the show wears a wife beater (white tank top t-shirt/A shirt). They don’t even try to color coordinate. It’s always white. You can even profile based on this. I’m sure cops watch the show so if they spot someone on the street in a wife beater, they stop and frisk LOL. Tune in on 9/13 on its new channel Spike network.

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