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  • traderJ1212 traderJ1212 Dec 3, 1997 11:24 PM Flag

    leading company

    I don't know if I would be considered an informed opinion, but I am an attorney who traded securities for a bank portfolio before attending law school. I, too have followed ERTS for a long time now (4 years).

    ERTS is an outstanding stock for those who like to buy and sell with less than a 2 week horizon. I have consistently been able to make money by watching the volume and price movements. While the stock's daily fluctuations are definitely not for the faint of heart, I think that this security is the best kind to trade - one that I have complete confidence in the long term prospects of.
    As the undisputed leader in the gaming niche of the software industry, this company has outstanding growth prospects as the Playstation and Nintendo game equipment cycle begins to mature (it still has a way to go). But more importantly, the PC-CD and online potential in the goldmine here.

    Additionally, in ERTS you have a franchise that is much more valuable than the street seems to have recognized. As you see the bidding war for content providers in the cinema, broadcast and other segments of the entertainment industries, one has to
    wonder how long this venue will go urecognized. As the popularity of online games such as Ultima proliferate, look for this recognition to come sooner rather than later. Also, when you look at the geme titles such as the sports and fantasy games, you see something similar to the movies that keep having sequels, where you have a built in audience.

    These are just a few of the reasons I like to trade ERTS. If you pick a bad day or time of day to jump in, you can always hold on to it for the long term. This company WILL be purchased by a studio, software company with vision (read Microsoft), or online service (people pay almost as much to play Ultima as they do to use America Online).

    Jump on the Bandwagon before it starts rolling too fast. I like to buy a few hundred shares in the 31-33 range when it gets that low (I bought before lunch today at 32) and sell it around 35. The biggest mistake I have made trading this security should be avoided though - NEVER sell all your shares. I know that the resistance I've seen at 39 7/8 will break and I think it will be a result of this Christmas' results. Don't miss the move that follows the breakthrough.

    Best of Luck. I would love to hear anyone else's opinion on this stock.

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    • Yours was just the kind of message I was looking for. I agree with all your points. For message 16 I think it was, -so far Ultima would not be a huge chunk of ERTS revenues but I am extremely impressed at how it is being recieved! They have many other titles to ddrive thier revenues. NHL 98 is supposed to be one of the most amazing and the only computer Hockey Game to buy. The graphics are supreme.
      Trader J1212, I was holding on a month ago for the ride above 40 like you said and then it didn't come. Did you read the article in the WSJ about gaming?

    • Hi j1212,
      very good point - the franchising one.

      As I stated in this thread before i think ERTS will break the 40 resistance with the next earnings (then it will be a rocket).
      In the german gaming magazines e.g. the new EA Sports titles are all tested with best ratings (between 85 and 93 points on a 100 scale. The shops are full with big piles of EA-titles. I have never seen such very big entertainment software exhibitions in the big german stores before.

      What do you think of the other players in this market, like
      AKLM, CU, GTIS, BROD ?

      Good luck to all


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      • I've been following the computer game industry for a while now. The real winners are ERTS (as you allready know), ATVI, GTIS and EISDY. Keep your eye on them. Anywhere near there 52 week low is a steal! I would stay away from AKLM and BROD, they're
        pretty shady and never really produce such succesful games. Pick up some computer gaming magazines and check out the ads, reviews and columns. You will get alot of insight into what's going on in this market. Lets hope we see ERTS break 40. Best of luck!

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