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  • NetProphet2 NetProphet2 Mar 31, 1998 7:42 PM Flag

    EA Status

    I agree last minute swings appear to be very common with this stock. I've been looking at all the recent posts by raphael8 and others describing how the Elliot waves and other indicators are very bullish. I'm still something of a newcomer to this game and I was wondering how these number games really work. Anybody ever read "A Random Walk Down Wall Street"?

    I jumped into this stock last November after playing Ultima Online for a few weeks. It immmediately struck me that EA had developed a technology which:

    1. Allowed real time bug fixes. Software changes and corrections are downloaded automatically whenever the game is started.

    2. Provides continous monthly fees from everyone playing the game. Want to keep playing? Ten dollars more, please.

    3. Completely eliminates piracy. There are a lot of bug exploiters in this game, but no one has ever hacked the server or gotten a free ride. (Despite many attempts)

    Regardless of how the game itself may be playable, and it did have some problems, this technology is ahead of everybody else and can be expanded to other games very easily.

    I'm very skeptical of the mathematical games, but I like the technology that this company produces. If anyone would like to educate me otherwise, I'd love to learn.

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    • Of course Fischback is going to spin things to
      make he and Acclaim look good. Do you honestly believe
      that QBC outsold Madden 6:1? Please tell me you are
      brighter than that...From what I hear, QBC slightly
      outsold Madden after it was all said and done. Big deal.
      Madden wasn't supposed to ship at all you tool. By
      shipping (and getting outsold maybe 1.5:1) EA was able to
      do some major damage to Acclaim's bottom line. I'm
      sure you knew that already though right? Whatever...

    • LOL how could the article be wrong in EGM and the TRSTs? Please tell me how Next-Generation march issue which had a 4 page interview with Ceo of AKLM fischback when he said it beat Madden 6 to 1 in sales?

    • Raphael,

      BOING! Hit 46 1/8 and retracted. Nice call on resistance. Maybe I should put a standing order in for 46 1/2 for the next leg up.


    • You are way off on your QBC data my friend. Read below...

      The EGM article you refer to was opinion not fact. It made no mention of actual sales or TRST data.

      The difference between 2nd and 10th is minimal in terms of actual sales numbers.

      Madden has a longer shelf-life than games like Diddy Kong and Bond so not being in the top 20 three months after initial ship doesn't mean all that much.

      QBC is not a very good game. Madden was marginally better this year but will dominate next year (when it was originally supposed to come out). Plus, it will have the NFL license and some decent development time. Lestr we forget that QBC spent 18+ months on development vs. approximately 6 for Madden 64!!!! I wouldn't want to be Acclaim this year...

      By coming out last year (surprise Acclaim!!!) EA was able to take hundreds of thousands of units in sales away from Acclaim. That had to hurt since Acclaim put all of their eggs in the N64 basket and abandoned the Sony PlayStation (where Madden sold another 1,000,000 units or so!!!).

      Please think before you write dumb posts that don't really amount to much. I would really appreciate it.

    • Check EGM issue for february and see how they had an article how QBC dominated. Check the TRST and see how QBC was the second best seller in November, and the 10th best in December while Madden was the 13th best in November, and it didn't even crack the top 20 in December!

    • No, there's no way QBC sold 6 to 1 over Madden. Madden didn't even have the NFL license and was competing closely with QBC through January. This year, they WILL have a license, and sales will dominate like they do on other platforms.

    • Hey, it's bad enough that you post I have "very bad info" in your subject line. I could take that if it were true. But... that wasn't my info. You replied to Imagamer's post regarding Madden versus QBC.

      You should reread the post you replied to. I think you might be reading it wrong. Imagamer credits EA with putting a game out in less than a year, not Acclaim.

      I have a hard time believing Acclaim's product outsold EA's 6 to 1. Where is this number from? EGM? And please don't quote me any numbers other than the new 97 release compared to the new 97 release of each company. ERTS didn't even have a game for N64 in 96, so it's easy for Acclaim to be ahead of them over the life of the title (versus the version).

      Otherwise, thanks for the post. I'll take all the information I can get!

    • Acclaim started developing QBC 98 in september of 96 and released it in october of 97 thats ONE year. QBC outsold Madden 6 to 1 check your EGM the march issue talks how Acclaim beat out EA. This year Acclaim has a new engine with improved gameplay and expect more of the dominance. Acclaims baseball game all-star baseball 99 for the N64 is the best looking baseball game ever, glad EA didn't try to battle with them there.

    • Even if Acclaim did have the #1 N64 football game this year you have to love the fact that EA was even able to ship a Nintendo 64 football game at all. From what I hear, Acclaim worked on their game for approx. 2 years and EA spent approx. 6 months! EA was not supposed to ship their Madden 64 title until this year! EA was very nimble and somehow managed to get their Nintendo football game out before Acclaim. Pretty impressive!

      So anyway, my point is this, even if Acclaim did have the #1 Nintendo 64 football game they still lost out on hundreds of
      thousands of potential unit sales and millions of dollars in revenue to good ol' EA. Also, lest we forget that EA didn't even have an
      NFL license and was forced to use fake uniforms and logos and what not. And the game still sold darn near 1:1 with the Acclaim
      gmae. I look for EA to flat out demolish Acclaim in the football arena this year with the NFL license and some time to really
      polish it up this time...

    • I forgot to mention that one ray of sunshine for ERTS came in the form of AKLM's announcement of Q2 earnings after the close. They beat expectations on strong revenue growth. If people can extrapolate from that, it should confirm their belief that ERTS will also post a solid quarter.

      OR...they could read that "#1 N64 Football Game" crap as a sign that ERTS is slipping. God, I wish I had those numbers... Anybody wanna share? Just how well did Madden do on N64? Frankly, I don't care, as long as you don't have cartridges going into landfill.

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