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  • live2playstocks live2playstocks Apr 21, 1998 2:27 PM Flag

    Thanks 4 quality info

    Just like to say a word of thanks to the quality of the
    postings here. I very much enjoy the TA charting info by
    Siracusan, Oncocyte, and Raphael8.
    May I ask which charting soft you use? I have been
    getting into it more and more. It doesn't matter if us lowly
    traders believe in it or not. The MM's use it everyday.
    Generaly I believe that the market is in a short term top
    formation. DOW 9200 NAS 1900 TRAN 3700 etc... I also believe
    this earnings drive will end soon and the market will be
    hit by a correction of the typical spring 9% variety. But
    having said that DOW 10000 and Nasdaq 2000 are all but a given
    by Fall. Of paticular concern is the Japan econ measures
    expected friday.
    As for ERTS I hated to see Road Rash pushed out of the Quarter.
    But as Raphael8 pointed out ERTS seams to be confident in numbers
    and is striving for quality over deadlines. Just look at the
    differance it made in the Need 4 Speed III game. It bears no resemblance to that "shit in a box" #2. Also I am looking for
    strong sales from Diablo. While not to compare it to the PC
    version, it should have large sales.
    Pertaining to revenues, at least at present, it's all about
    consoles and N. America. Those Japanese wouldn't buy an American
    product if it were half the price of a domestic version. No
    earnings warning so we have to expect a good quarter, given
    strong numbers from smaller game Co's. With E3 comming up
    along with a move up in price with earnings expectations
    in the week before data release, probably a buying opertunity
    between supports of 40 3/4 and 42. I look for $52 on earnings
    day!!! What do you think is the high side of the stock channel
    near term???
    Good luck ERTS investors $+$+$+$+$+$+$+$+$+$+$+$+

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    • Don't laugh. I use ProTA on a Macintosh, even though my PC is the more powerful box. It does way more than I could ever want to do (except sort my porfolio by RSI).

      I agree that the quality of the posts on this board is admirable. I think this is partly due to the high price of the stock. Anything under $10 draws a lot of folks just out to burn money.

      Interesting to hear that you think we're approaching a near-term top. Every morning I wake up and cross my fingers that the market doesn't blow up before ERTS reports earnings. IBM was a BIG help today.

      I really hate the look of the ERTS daily chart for the last couple weeks. I want to believe that we are going up without breaking below 40. The moves up at the end of the day to give support around 42 seem to confirm that. BUT... this stock has a way of finding the 200-day moving average when it gets below the 10-week average. So, I'm watching closely.

      Until I see our next high or low on the chart, I couldn't tell you which way this stock is going. I'm still betting up for now.

    • Quick question,

      When does ERTS announce their earnings for the quarter? I imagine soon, but I couldn't find a specific date anywhere.