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  • siracusan siracusan Apr 29, 1998 12:20 AM Flag

    Suggested Solution, Anti-Pumpers

    Netprophet, ERTS fans and honest investors,

    Here's a quick and easy solution to get rid of the Pumpers.

    1. Eliminate the direct link to the message boards from the quote screen. Instead, have people enter the boards via Yahoo Finance and then type in the ticker symbol to search for the right board. Those extra keystrokes will deter the 50- or 100-board hype spammers.

    2. Hire a couple "police" to patrol the most popular boards and search for off-topic spam postings, then threaten violators with expulsion from the Yahoo board and suspension of their chat ID.

    3. Make registration contingent on valid outside E-mail address, then barring permanently any E-mail address belonging to a perpetrator above. That way Joe Hypester can't jump in with 6 different code names.

    4. Nominal fee ($2/month, charged yearly). SI charges $200, and very little hype resides there. Just enough to deter the idiots with the extra paperwork, and besides, a credit card is a wonderful way to trace a perpetrator.

    If you like these ideas, forward them to Yahoo! In my last posting I described the problem, now here's my solution. By "guilt" in my last message I meant buying the stocks when I know the games others are playing. I'd love to see these boards return to an honest forum of intelligent discussion which only now resides on a very few boards (such as INVX).

    Nice day for ERTS today, we got some real weakness in the early afternoon but was one of the first to rally strongly. Raphael, have you lightened up yet or are you still full barrels ahead?


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    • Agree that today's action looked very nice. The 5-day chart (BigCharts) looks especially nice. Wish they would draw a 7 day or 10 day chart with the same resolution (15 minute intervals).

      I sold a chunk this morning early at 44.875 on a pre-entered limit order. I was forced to do this trade by yesterday's soft market--I'm on margin to hold these ERTS shares. Bummed that I only made 50 cents on them. Really wish I had the balls to buy later in the day at 43 when the bottom formed...

      I'll be every interested to see if tomorrow's action completes a symetrical triangle by moving lower from about 44 9/16 down to around 43 again and back up. That move should complete by the end of the day tomorrow. If it does move down, and forms a bottom near 43 again, I'll probably jump back in and hold on for about $46+ -- on margin even. That looks like the target from exiting the triangle.

      ERTS, along with a lot of other stocks, handled the Monday sell-off very well: staying above the trend line. I'm still nervous about the market as a whole. And still look to lighten up at 46+ to wait and see if we break out to the upside. In my dreams, we'll breakout before I have a chance to sell, just like we broke down before I had a chance to sell at 45.

      Good luck to all! And, yes, I heartily agree that the pumpers should go away. I won't touch the stocks they pump with a 10 foot pole. SEVL my eye!

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