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  • jsn16 jsn16 Apr 30, 1998 3:10 PM Flag


    Somewhat curios why it is that someone would spend 46+ for a stock, and pass up a rising company in the same industry for 6x
    less. Acclaim entertainment is a company in the middle of what could be there best year to date. It is certainly sizing up to be.
    They have the most impressive lineup of any software game company out there. Turok 2 is being previewed as the best N64 game
    ever. I know the die hard ERTS followers will scoff at this post, but for you lurkers, check out acclaim.net and see for yourself.
    AKLM has the potential to double if not triple in the next year. And honestly i believe i am underestimating them. So spend 46+
    on a company that could very well be in the 30's by year end, or put your money in a company that will make you money. Because
    it was my belief that that is what investing is for, to make money.

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    • Well put Imagamer. I live2playstocks but
      girlfriend permiting, I still play a lot of games too.
      bought QBC upon hearing how good it looked. Took
      back to EB the next day. Very happy with a real
      sim like Madden 98 on PSX.

      Sold a part of my
      shares on that friday spike. Still
      think 52+ by
      earnings day. But have learned to play these
      both ways. Got to admit I'm a little worried
      so many games having been pushed to the back of
      quarter and some big ones out of the quarter all
      ie. Road Rash. On the other hand platform games have
      leaping out of Co's inventory.

    • First QBC 98 was Iguana ent's first N64 sports
      game, and their first Quarterback club, the others were
      done by other developers. This year its using the HIGH
      REZ engine to speed it up, and they guarentee great
      gameplay, IGN64.com has played the early version and they
      say it looks even BETTER! and plays a whole lot

    • Look at the P/E ratios for both companies. Although the AKLM P/E is slightly lower, ERTS is a better investment because of its size, dominance, divsersified product lines, and other factors.

      If you like the low price point for AKLM, there are other software companies with even lower street prices. However, I don't think you would want to invest in them.

      Good luck with AKLM.

    • You can have Acclaim and I'll take ERTS. Granted, Acclaim is much less expensive (probably because they were near bankruptcy not too long ago...or maybe it was the shady accounting violations that got them in trouble with the SEC???) but it's less expensive for a reason.

      EA has games for several different platforms and is thus in a much safer position with investors. Acclaim on the other hand decided to put most of their eggs in the N64 hardware basket which is unfortunately getting outsold by Sony Playstation at retail something like 4:1 (and worse at some chains). Not to mention the fact that it is a virtually dead machine in Japan!

      Madden will outsell QBC next year by a pretty good margin. Mark my words on this one.

      E3 show in Atlanta will push EA stock over $50 giving you at least a 10% gain within the next 4 weeks! Find me a bank paying that kind of interest.

      I would buy a lot of gamie stocks before I would buy Acclaim.

      Good luck though. Maybe Turok II will allow Acclaim to stay in business for another year or two...

      • 2 Replies to earlwoods
      • earlwoods, I was asking a legitimite question. AKLM is releasing a majority of their games for both the PSX and N64
        platforms. I research my company well. I also have researched its competition. You would buy other "gamie stocks" before you would buy
        AKLM? One hit wonder Tomb Raider on EIDSY? Perhaps WCW less THQ? Or maybe the great GTIS and Duke Nukem? BROD has Riven, but so
        does AKLM. Hmmm...which one would you buy over AKLM? All this talk on Madden and QBC head to head. Honestly, my nieces and
        nephews are gameplayers. I chat with the kids in my youth group at church. I do my field work. People are looking for something new.
        Madden is getting old. No matter how fun the game is, people want more. ERTS is a great company. A company that I would choose over
        most others in the industry. However, no matter which way you cut it, it still dose not compare to Acclaim. Acclaim has risen out
        of its 2 year obscurity to take the throne away from the king. The King is dead, long live AKLM!!!

      • Turok 2 will let Acclaim stay in the business?? Check Forsaken for PC in comp usa or any other retail chains and you will see its SOLD OUT. The N64 and PSX version will be out 2-3 weeks, they will have the best baseball game of all time, the Wrestling game to kill THQ's WCW vs NWO called WWF Warzone which already has many many pre sales, the Shadowman the list goes on AKLM up 9.9% that just beat your 10% by E3?

    • hmmm...take advice from somebody who doesn't know how to spell curious....uhhh, No.

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