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  • NetProphet2 NetProphet2 May 1, 1998 6:01 PM Flag


    Did you sell some at 46 like you planned? I'm
    still holding but may sell half if it goes another few
    points. I'd take all my profit but I learned a lesson on
    NSOL. I Happily took 30% when it hit 22.5, then watched
    it explode to over 50! I wouldn't put it past the
    Street to suddenly figure out what a good buy ERTS is
    and launch it in the same way.

    Right now I'm
    up 32% from when I bought in around 36! So far this
    year, ERTS is my best pick.

    Go ERTS!

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    • I've sold much of my ERTS holdings, but am still
      not down to what I consider my "core" investment. I
      have to believe the stock is going down bigtime to
      sell that.

      Unfortunately, the shake-out at the
      beginning of the week forced me to sell some at 44.75 and
      change with only a $.50 a share gain. I was holding
      those shares on margin, and had to do the responsible
      thing and dump them before they became a

      Sold yesterday at 45.875, cause I missed 46.125, damn
      Sold today at 46.75 when it took the first bounce,
      Sold again at 48.625 at the end of the day.

      have no regrets, I won't count the money I left on the
      table. And I'm cheering the stock higher.

      I may
      put in an order to pick up some shares if the price
      retraces on Monday a significant amount (today's volume
      was lighter than average). And I'll be watching for
      the post-earnings action to see if people sell. I'll
      bet that if they don't beat the number, there will be
      selling from this level. We're at 30x forward earnings.
      Which is fair value for this stock in my

      So, beat the number ERTS!!

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      • Glad to see you've taken some profits but are
        still cheering it higher! I think you might get that
        retracement you were looking for, maybe about down to 47 1/2
        or so on Monday to fill in the gap a little after
        the breakout. What's certain is there definitely
        weren't any sellers left at the end of the day today, and
        whoever wanted the stock bid it up furiously! I
        definitely think we might be in for a breather to
        consolidate our new high a little.

        Stock still looks
        fairly valued considered its growth prospects,
        leadership and especially the rest of the market! At this
        point, I'd much rather have ERTS at 35-40 x earnings
        with a booming video game market than DIS, KO or MRK
        at a P/E of 45 and best-case scenario of 10% growth
        next year. With only 66 shares, I don't have the
        leverage to play around and catch all of the little
        movements. I'm planning on holding for the bigger long-term
        trend. But I'm glad you sold on the nice move with some
        of your "extra" shares! You should break out the Dom

        Also, did you notice the new warning about off-topic
        posts being discarded? A welcome sight. Oh, and there's
        even a Preview button! It would be wonderful if our
        postings were actually responsible for the changes, but
        we'll never know that. It's nice at least that they
        listened to our collective voice. Bravo!

        Well take
        care and let's hope that those earnings come in OK.
        The market has a wonderful way of adjusting in
        advance even without the news out (for an example of
        negative news probably brewing, look at TDFX). So early
        indications are that ERTS will be just bonzer. Cross your


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