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  • AcclaimInvest AcclaimInvest May 1, 1998 6:38 PM Flag

    Imagamer foolishness

    1) Turok was overrated. It is now landfill
    2) Turok II will do nowhere near the numbers
    Turok I did.
    3) If Forsaken is so hot shouldn't you
    be able to buy a copy if you want? Poor forecasting
    and poor management overall. Isn't this how Acclame
    got into trouble the first time?
    4) The best
    baseball game of all time? It's is very late, very weak,
    and is way behind Triple Play (EA) and MLB (Sony).
    Come on buddy...
    5) Warzone could be cool. we'll
    see if it finishes well or not...
    6) Acclame's
    stock has actually gone up a bit lately and that's
    terrific. However, it was once at $30+ and is now between
    $6-7 where it has been for a while for numerous
    reasons. Buy Activision before you buy Acclame.

    Turok 1 a landfill??? Turok 1 was the only yes ONLY 3rd
    party million seller last year. Turok 2 is estimated to
    have 1 million pre orders, at my local toys r us 30
    people have pre ordered the game already. Forsaken is
    sold out in many many places with new releases coming.
    Forsaken made the TOP 5 sellers in April in only a week
    for pc! TR 99 and MLB 99?? You just do not know
    anything in this industry. ALL-STAR BASEBALL 99 is for the
    N64. Those are PLAYSTATION titles you are very mixed
    up. Well you guys took the WCW license from THQI, but
    look at aklm's WWF Warzone already has huge numbers of
    pre orders and will be the biggest and be best
    wrestling game of all tiem for N64 and PLAYSTATION.
    Imagamer you are a foolish kid..

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