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  • xiconix xiconix Jun 16, 1998 7:26 PM Flag

    52 - 55 by this Friday?

    I sold 1/2 of my current trading position today @
    48.5 :) I will try to unload the other 1/2 @ 53.5 if
    possible ...

    I think we have a shot @ the 52 - 55
    range by this Friday (options expiration)

    Good luck to all ERTS longs !!!


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    • By the way you uneducated idiot, for you information, Triple Play '99 and Madden '98 was by your favorite beloved company and definitely not mine, ELECTRONIC ARTS!!! SUCKAH!!! HA!

    • NO CAPS!! Ok, no problemo, but when you go into
      every store in your city and ask what baseball game
      they recommend,it's Acclaim's ALL STAR BASEBALL'99,
      NOT Triple play'99. Electronics Boutique and Toys R
      BASEBALL GAME TO GET!!! Now you want to talk about
      football. MADDEN '98 couldn't even get NFL LICENSE.
      PATHETIC. Wasn't even #1 sports game in Q1 last year. Only
      QUARTERBACK CLUB 98 was the hottest recommended #1 game with
      NFL LICENSE selling at the time. Now if you actually
      buy and play the games and talk to store clerks, you
      would be educated. Here's a tip, go buy QUARTERBACK
      CLUB'98 OR WAIT FOR QBC'99. You would be thanking me you
      uneducated witch.

    • You are uneducated, uninformed, and obviously a
      boy in a man's world. By the way, WHEN YOU TYPE IN

      ERTS is
      not worrying. By chance, if AKLM ever does do
      anything correctly (probably a long-shot) ERTS will just
      buy them for pocket change...


    • aklm has better sports games!!! Don't believe me,
      go to blockbuster or hollywood video and compare
      both companies football, hockey, and soon to be
      baketball games. Smart investors know aklm has strength at
      5 a share with huge upside!!! Nintendo knows this
      and night want to buy aklm out. Aklm's all star
      baseball99 sold more games at $69 a pop than nintendo's
      griffey at $49. That's quality personified. Erts at the
      ranks low in baseball. I don't think people are buying
      their baseball game. Erts is worrying!!!

    • I can't imagine ANYONE moving from ERTS to AKLM. 'nough said.


    • with your predictions of $52-$55. It is easy to
      get too excited. While the stock is very strong, to
      suggest $55 just because of expirations is flirting with
      trouble. There is very tough resistance at $50. It will
      take some buying, but my best guess is we will stall
      at $50 like we did today, even though we closed
      there, and retrace back to $47 before moving back up.
      Selling 1/2 position was probably smart if you are a day
      trader, but as we have seen, one can get left behind if
      we break through resistance. I bought on the gap
      open today, will hold til fall.


      • 3 Replies to cbeardslee
      • I think that, for the duration of this summer
        rally, ERTS can reach the 52 - 55 area :) Maybe not by
        this Friday, however, it has a serious shot @ said
        range before next earnings.

        The demand for ERTS
        (short covering, mutual funds 2nd quarter end window
        dressing, superb fundementals and relative strength,
        hyper-growth as a leader in the fastest growing segment of the
        entertainment industry) exceed supply in the short term. I feel
        that the demand is so great that the next resistance
        will not be the 50 area only but the 52 - 55 area

        And of course, most importantly - the chart looks
        fantastic !!!

        All this contributes to my believe
        that ERTS can reach the 52 - 55 area in the next 2
        months before earnings, possibly by this Friday due to
        options expiration.

        So I stand firm to my estimate
        of 52 - 55, perhaps not by Friday but in the short
        term :)

        As far as the next support, the 45 - 48
        range is my best guess ... We may get a shot to buy in
        this range before the earnings ... I would love to see
        this happen so I can trade it again :)

        thing I learned about trading is that you cannot be too
        sure about any given price point (support or
        resistance) you have to give the stock a range to work with
        so that you do not miss any major moves or in case
        you are wrong (which I have been wrong many times in
        the past :)

        Good luck to all ERTS longs


      • Still picking crow feathers out of my mouth here.
        I would
        like to add more of the anti-crash
        stock to my portfolio's
        long position.

        Would the great TA minds, that I know read this board,
        tell me your opinions on what is the current top and
        of current trading channel? IM(much more)HO I would
        we are near the top short term and 42 3/4 looks like
        a good
        entry point.

        My biggest fear,
        even though I have long positions, is this
        breaks the top of the channel and we know what

        Good luck to ALL!!! Besides my game stocks still
        <ROAD KILL>

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