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  • spurs83 spurs83 Jul 8, 1998 5:51 PM Flag

    imagamer you said

    you would help me invest, tell me what i should invest in then.

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    • I have said it before that EA and ACCLAIM are not
      competing with each other at the moment because they are
      both positioned in other consoles.

      AKLM employee? Please Earl, name calling will not get
      you anywhere. I started my position in AKLM last
      November and have been accumulating more on the way up.

      Bottom line, EA has another great year, while AKLM earns
      .40 for FY 98 and has the best quarter ever in 1st
      quarter 99 (christmas quarter). EA worth 3 billion, AKLM
      worth 300 million I like the value in AKLM.

      will say it again AKLM is not a better company then
      ERTS but has the better value. I like trading ERTS
      when it drops a few points because it's a solid
      company and is a good stock and rebounds. One reason I
      really like it in the christmas quarter is the
      SquareSoft RPG's will bring some big sales in. If you want
      to fight between AKLM and ERTS so be it, but I will
      continue to buy both and other gaming stocks because the
      market is about profits.

    • I don't know why you are so into comparing AKLM
      vs. ERTS because they really are apples and oranges.
      EA is the class of the industry and AKLM is still
      trying to gain some much needed respect. They beat the
      street estimate by 300% and the stock went down??? Still
      a lot of fundamental issues here that people are
      not liking otherwise the stock would be trading much
      You sound to me like a desperate Aklm
      employee or one of the many Aklm investors who have lost
      their shirts over the past several months rather than
      an expert on AI and/or the competitive dynamics of
      the videogame industry.

      I can appreciate your
      passion (desperation) but comparing Aklm and EA at this
      point really doesn't make sense.

      Bottom line, EA
      will have another record year and Aklm will continue
      to struggle. The rich get richer!

      Carry on.
      You have some serious last minute changes to make to
      that QBC game of yours if you want to compete with the
      Madden's of the world.

    • Imagamer please tell me how Madden will hands
      down win the football war in the N64 platform? Last
      year EA lost it in both PSX and N64 and all of a
      sudden they will win both? QBC 99 will be a great
      football game this year. Imagamer also AKLM earned .09
      last quarter estimates were .03, hmm Turok 2, and WWF
      Warzone coming and I guess AKLM is in really deep
      trouble. I guess the news that Mcgrath and ASB 99 were
      both in the top 10 sellers in June also is terrible
      news <g> It doesn't matter if EA wins or losses
      N64, they are concentrating on PSX platform and PC.
      This year QBC 99 will be on PC to compete with Madden
      99 on PC also. It will be a good war this year, but
      if Madden is nearly as slow as World Cup 98 which is
      in MID RES then Madden in high res is in trouble.

    • Investment advice:

      I am very long on Home
      Depot, American International Group, EA, Cisco, and
      Johnson and Johnson.

      Medium term I like America On
      Line and Peoplesoft.

      Short term I like cash.
      There are very few stock bargains out

      Good luck.

      • 2 Replies to imagamer
      • with home depot, i think it is a great stock,
        maybe one of the best, i don't know much about the rest
        except ea sports, the thing i don't like about ea is
        it's high price, but i think it is a great company
        that is very stable.

      • and it all starts with the juvenile AKLM
        investors. First you fill this board up with needless hype
        about AKLM, then every meathead from DC to Cali, comes
        out of the woodwork to bash on one person or another.
        And then to top it off, you get some add for a condo.
        What the hell is going on? This board used to be
        filled with intelligent insight. Now all it is filled
        with is shit. spurs, you are one of the major factors
        behind this. Little boy spurs, you are an ignorant
        child. The stock market is way beyond your limited
        expertise. If you think for one moment that posting AKLM
        hype here will boost AKLM's price, well my boy, you
        are very wrong. Granted, AKLM may be on its way back
        up. Point taken. But come on now son, posting
        countless times throughout the week, saying the same ol
        crap, what are you trying to prove? As for the rest of
        you dipshits coming to his rescue, know that you also
        look the fool. Im sure your probably all long AKLM, so
        I understand the anxiety, but come now. This board
        is for ERTS, and related issues. Saying "AKLM to
        double by Christmas" or "ASB99 best sport game of the
        year" is needless hype that takes away from the posters
        credibility, as well as the stocks.


        P.S. cant wait to hear your dick head responses.

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