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  • IdiotPHD IdiotPHD Aug 3, 1998 11:25 AM Flag

    Boy you guys are really taking it on the

    You want facts?
    Compare last quarter.
    Check the #1 best seller for August.
    Fat Boy Madden is your only hope.
    I feel sorry for you on that score

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    • Hey dummy wassup? Fat Madden huh? My friend works
      at EA and he has shown me Madden 99 and it looks
      insane!!! QBC split the market with Madden last year (and
      Madden wasn't even supposed to ship!) and Madden will
      strictly dominate this year. QBC is second rate you tool.
      Your posts are so juvenile I get a kick out of them.

      My 8 year old brother thinks you are funny you
      asshole! EA Sports makes or breaks any game system and
      that's that you idiot!

      AKLM is what it is. A
      second or third rate company. You are a real piece of
      work sunshine if you think it will come back. Turcock
      is tired, ASB sold ok at best and you alone can't
      keep the stock going you dork. What's it at $5 or $6?

      EA is smart. They invest in smart ideas and smart
      people. They will win. PERIOD. Hang on to your AKLAME
      stock because when EA buys them it might be worth a
      little. Only after they dump all the half-talented people

      Much love.

      Nintendo Employee #1.

      • 1 Reply to bigbull98
      • You don't sound much smarter then either of them,
        and if you are a Nintendo Employee then you would be
        hyping Acclaim's 3rd party games which have really the
        saved N64 in North America. If ASB 99 selling at #4 is
        ok then give me 40 "ok" games a year and I will take
        em. Im not going to tell you to buy AKLM or sell ERTS
        or do vice versa, but if you would do your own
        research you would see AKLM is undervalued.

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