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  • dennisr99 dennisr99 Sep 9, 1998 6:50 PM Flag

    Today's close

    kind of worries me... We we're sinking like a rock.
    Any word if we are buying Blizzard yet?


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    • Looks like Disney may block EA's attempt to acquire the ESPN license...


    • (from MMWIRE)


      Radical Entertainment,
      developer of several upcoming ESPN sports games, is not
      about to be acquired by Electronic Arts [ERTS],
      scotching rumors to the contrary.
      The companies have
      talked, Radical says, but employees have not been told of
      a takeover.
      "Ever since E3 we've had a number of
      companies exploring the feasibility of acquiring us. A
      number of people came knocking on our door," a Radical
      official tells MMWire. But of an actual acquisition, the
      official says: "That's not the case."
      The rumors may
      have been fueled by the fact that much of Radical's
      staff is based in Vancouver, where EA's president of
      worldwide studios, Don Mattrick, works, along with much of
      the EA Sports development staff.
      Radical's launch
      plans for its ESPN titles continue apace. X-Games Pro
      Boarder ships Oct. 20, NBA Tonight will ship in late
      October, and National Hockey Night is slated for a
      mid-November launch. All titles will ship on PSX and PC.
      (Radical Entertainment, 415/229-9172)

    • Hey all,

      There's some talk that EA has
      bought out Radical, another game development studio.
      There's an article about it

      Any thoughts?


    • Thanks for kind reply, no, he just started, so it
      will be awhile before we see anything he has done. If
      you like games, you may have used Genecyst, nesticle
      and callus?
      Erts has bought out some good
      software development co's recently, which also prompted me
      to buy the stock.

    • I like ERTS! I don't know when you invested but
      if it was over the last 3 months who isn't down in
      almost any stock.

      As an investor and a fan of
      interactive games I can tell you they have the strongest name
      in the market and consistently top products in most
      categories. I'd like to see them branch into other areas,
      such as educational games. They need to leverage their
      success into some higher margin business.

      sprucing up some of the packaging could help. I've
      purchased some bad games in my time, and it was because the
      packaging was killer. Some of the packages are great but
      others need alot of work!

      Oh, and "Need for
      Speed III" looks awesome. If your son was on that team
      hats off to him!!!!

    • I have always been impressed with all the
      evaluation the public perform on the different stocks, I
      invested in erts on the basis that my son went to work for
      the company, probably the wrong reason, but since he
      has made some of the best game-emulators and a darn
      good programmer, I figured the company would do well.
      So far I am down 10 points. I guess my investment
      methods leaves a little to be desired. but who
      knows,maybe Bill Gates' mother went thru the same thing.
      Maybe someone can uplift my spirits a little?

    • I wouldn't dream of trying to tell you what to
      do. I can only tell you what I'm doing.

      afternoon I went Long, Long, Long at 40.5 as we made the
      breakout above resistance. At the time, I thought I was
      being a rookie and buying too early, as I often do.
      Lucky I guess.

      My daily chart shows resistance
      at both 43.375 and 44.375. The hourly charts show
      RSI in the overbought zone, but I'm not inclined to
      believe it since we are trending up. Tomorrow morning,
      the challenge is to not break below $42.5. If we
      hold, we should move up. We had a good move up on
      strong volume, which should give us the needed
      follow-through to reach 43.375.

      If we cross 43.375
      convincingly, I hold. I'm already on margin for ERTS shares,
      and don't dare extend any further in this market. If
      we don't cross 43.375 convincingly, I sell at least
      half and sit back to watch how it plays

      Same thing for 44.375. Though, I'm half expecting that
      we will not get past 44.375 this time and instead
      will come back down to 42+ or lower. BUT, because I'm
      expecting that, there's a good chance it won't

      What YOU do depends on a lot of factors that only you
      can evaluate. Keep in mind that I'm sitting here
      watching this thing like a hawk, so I'm in a position to
      profit from 2% swings. If I weren't, I'd probably just
      hold for something near or better than $47, unless the
      market is clearly going to hell in a

      Good luck!

    • It's SUPPOSED to worry you. Sell, sell,

      Okay, now seriously, we closed exactly on the line of
      support. Can't promise that it will hold tomorrow morning,
      but I'll be waiting to see if it does. If it holds,
      as I expect it will, I will BUY, BUY, BUY. The last
      several days have been beautiful for trading this stock.
      I've done very nicely. Got out today at an average
      price of about $44.5 after the ride up from $40. BUT, I
      watch it like a hawk, and wouldn't recommend trading it
      if you can't, because it is very

      I'm still expecting one good leg up toward $47+
      before we start a serious decline. And, who knows, maybe
      there won't be a decline. Bottom line, I still love
      this company.

      Have no clue whether they'll buy
      Blizzard, but I sure wouldn't mind if they did.

      luck to all!

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