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  • oharag oharag Sep 23, 1998 3:08 PM Flag

    Hey, can we trade....

    One IdiotPHD (on ERTS board) for one Madden_Rules
    (on AKLM board). IdiotPHD come home to AKLM and leave
    ERTS board alone. Maybe we can get rid of Madden_Rules
    on the AKLM board. I feel this is a fair trade. How
    about ERTS posters?

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    • Although there has been a lot fewer AKLM posters over recently. How's the AKLM board? Lots of ERTS posts?

      PS. Great day for ERTS today, why wasn't AKLM up at least a little?

      • 2 Replies to NetProphet2
      • over at the AKLM site. I believe their handles
        are MADDEN_RULES, Madden_Rules, et. al. These guys
        have absolutely nothing positive to say about AKLM. If
        you dislike a stock so much why post at the site. The
        goal I believe is to annoy the hell out of actual
        stockholders. Madden_Rules claim was that he posts on the AKLM
        board because there are posters from the AKLM board on
        ERTS site. I posted that I would rather have IdiotPHD
        come back to the AKLM site, and we'll trade you

        No, IdiotPHD I was not calling your posts irrelevant.
        I was addressing Madden_Rules over at the AKLM
        site. The people on the ERTS site should be the ones to
        determine the relevance of your posts.

        As for AKLM
        not going up I believe they still need to prove
        themselves. AKLM investors have to wait for each financial
        report to get any significant price increase.

      • ERTS awesome day today couldn't have been better.
        AKLM real weak today but can't wait to see your face
        in October with Turok 2, QBC, and a few other big
        guns come out. Shareholders meeting is only 7 days a
        way also.

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