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  • StockSophist StockSophist Sep 24, 1998 2:26 PM Flag

    Madden Sound Blows

    From (in the N-Query

    Madden's sound

    What is up with the sound in my
    Madden 99 cart? I know that carts can't hold that much
    sound, but this is ridiculous. Madden and Somerall only
    comment a few times during each game. Is there something
    wrong with my cartridge or have you noticed this
    yourself? I thought the commentary from Marv Albert on QBC
    was even better, and that's sad. Please answer this
    before I try and return a game to Electronics Boutique
    that may not be faulty, or at least from a
    manufacturing standpoint.

    I've warned you, haven't I?
    Madden 99 is a really cool game, but there is no
    question that the sound is lacking.


    Hey ERTS owners - Madden_Rules is a dolt who posts
    more often on the AKLM board than any AKLM


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