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  • Raphael8 Raphael8 Oct 1, 1998 12:20 AM Flag

    Anybody: When did September Quarter End?

    Anybody know when the cut-off for ERTS September
    quarter was? I'm guessing that it was last week, but I'd
    love to be sure. I suppose I could call Investor
    Relations. I ask because...

    If the quarter ended
    _last week_ they must have made the quarter numbers
    without much effort. Otherwise, wouldn't they have
    shipped NHL earlier? What's a few days? They MUST have
    had at least one of the SKU's, if not all, waiting in
    the warehouse. I think that NHL release was a written
    promise that they made their numbers, and we are clear to
    move higher.

    Good luck to all!

    Sparkey, if you're reading... thanks for the lesson. It's
    making me mucho.

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    • raphael,

      how does ERTS look today?

      buy hold or sell?

      too bad the market is dragging it down.


      • 2 Replies to rwoods_
      • I'm almost as long as I can be, and am holding
        tight. I'll feel a lot better when we get above 43 9/16.
        If we break down below 42 3/4 before that, I may
        sell half. This would be for short term (day) players

        Yesterday I sold a chunk at 44 (lucky) and felt stupid when
        the NHL release came out to give the "all clear"
        signal. Didn't expect to be able to buy back cheaper, but
        we've run into some selling. I bought the chunk back at
        42 11/16 because it looked like we could do better
        than 42 3/4 and stay there.

        We NEED to get
        above 44 today or we may see some selling. Resistance
        again at 44.59 and 44.75.

        I'm not sure it's the
        market holding ERTS back. Looks near term overbought to
        me and we seem to be working it off by moving
        sideways. Let's hope the movement continues

        If you're buying for a hold of a few weeks, I'd buy
        when we break through 43 11/16.

      • To me, I will look at the overall market first
        because ERTS is
        indeed dragging down by the weak
        market. The company is doing
        great this week with many
        new games releasing.
        I will hold it because the
        market has been down BIG three
        days already. Bargain
        hunters are starting to come in, and
        we should see the
        Dow Jones and Nasdaq narrowing down a bit by
        end of today. So I expect the market will recover and
        back up a bit tomorrow. In this case, ERTS
        should back up a bit
        tomorrow as well.

    • And I'm sure they have made the numbers - and will do in Q3 and Q4 . . . . . They only question is by how much they will beat them for the year.

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