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  • RaYmUsss RaYmUsss Jan 22, 1999 2:03 AM Flag

    Why is it all quite...

    on this message board. Did everyone here shorted?

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    • Actually I found out that Simcity 3000 just arrived in my local
      stores today, guess like Electronic Arts has shipped the games

    • SimCity 3000 is going to ship starting on 1/31,
      and the
      stores will start to get them in the
      following days.
      I don't know what is its expected sales
      volume, but I expect it
      will eventually sell over 1
      million copies. The previous Simcity
      games sold about
      the same amount, so this game should sell
      than the previous ones.

      This game is actually
      even more bigger overseas, especially in
      Simcity is possibly the most successful American
      series over there, way ahead than Quake and
      Simcity leads the overseas sales than any other games in
      EA, like
      Need for Speed or NBA Live. Mainly
      because Japanese love
      simulation games so much.

      Also, EA is porting this game to consoles like N64 and

      Playstation. They will come out later this year.
      Like EA
      said, this is the biggest launch for the company so
      Its next even bigger launch will be Command
      and Conquer: Tiberan

      For more
      information, read this

    • when next week this game will be released and what is the expected sales volume. Thanks in advance.

    • Next week is the launch for SimCity 3000.
      Hopefully, ERTS will
      start to pull back up because of
      this title. This game is one
      of their flagship
      games, possibly the second biggest game of this
      (the biggest one will be C&C: Tiberan Sun). This game
      be the savior for this stock next week. I know some
      have mentioned last quarter that they're disappointed
      that this
      game has delayed till next year. Now this
      game is set to launch
      soon, I wonder they will
      change their minds of giving some
      upgrades ^_^

    • We sure had an ugly close, eh.

      was looking great going into the last half hour or
      so. Complete with some buying in size. But it got
      pretty wierd there. I swear I kept seeing trades posted
      at prices significantly higher than the Asked. And
      some of them weren't big trades. Then, at the very
      close, no, make that 4:15, a huge trade takes the price
      down to 42 3/16. What was that about?

      And I
      sure hate the look of today's candle.

      I'm long
      and a little bit under water, right on through the
      weekend. We'll see what Monday brings.

      Best of luck
      to all.

    • because I bought more today at 42 3/16
      what a weird couple of days for ERTS.....
      we will spring board off of this double
      and see 46-47 real quick....
      good luck.

    • and say that we just made the near term bottom at
      42 this morning. Forms a nice double bottom on the 5
      minute chart, which just formed its first uptrend line.
      Waiting for the expected pullback to form the uptrend on
      the 15 minute chart. Of course, because these
      postings to Yahoo take forever, you'll probably see this
      message after the close!

      If everything happens
      appropriately, I'm going in big, at least for the short term. I
      sold my shares from yesterday at the open and bought
      back double a little bit ago at 42+.

      Pray for

      Best of luck to all.

    • Like I said, the MMs love to drive this stock up
      and down. Yes,
      the company is doing excellent with
      no news, but the MMs are
      manipulating this stock.
      Eventually, it will go back up, not
      much worry. If it
      drops below 40 next week, you can bet I will

    • Man we are getting pummeled .. why ? earnings
      were really good i didnt see anything negative in them
      .. im holding now this is trading at only 20 times
      next years earnings with 25 % groth it should b e a
      steal but noone is buying it .. the anaalyst on CCNBC
      was very high on it too .. oh well good luck all it
      will come back to 50 soon

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