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  • Raphael8 Raphael8 Jun 18, 1999 10:11 PM Flag

    halbuddy: If you haven't already...

    ... you should ask Yahoo to delete message 1636.
    Now you'll probably get a ton of junk mail!

    Thanks for complaining about those spam messages. When I
    saw them, I threw up my hands and was thinking of
    moving to another board. I suppose I should follow up
    and complain also.

    I agree with most of your
    assessment of the recent action. But, boy, you DO sound
    nervous. The sellers are at 52 5/8, but I'm not sure the
    uptrend on the hourly chart is as strong as you are
    seeing it. It looks like all the big boys did their
    business in the morning and then went to the beach and
    left it to the little guys who were not strong enough
    to hold a firm uptrend.

    We closed with a nice
    harami candle to say that the current trend is frozen,
    but it isn't clear what we'll do on Monday. If we
    open where we closed, we'll be below the first uptrend
    line on the hourly chart, and that's good enough for
    me. I'd like to see us open lower, and move up to 51
    3/8, where I might have enough nerve to short

    But, bottom line, you should have covered two days ago
    on the CPI news like everyone else did!

    of luck to you. I won't say "to all" this time,
    because it seems you and I are the only ones going short
    here. I hope I haven't lead you to ruin.

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    • We finally broke that 55 resistance and ERTS
      easily moved past 57 just as various folks here had
      predicted! Way to go!

      I could not resist selling my
      trading shares at the end of the day today with an eye to
      getting long again on the next pullback or going short if
      the technical analysts here see a top coming.

    • oops.......I meant 65 not 60 (just kidding!). good luck all.

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    • 60 in the not so distant future......

    • ...enjoying the chart discussions, even though I
      only understand about 10% of it! :0

      My reaction
      to the past few days is very bullish. yes, we have
      resistance at 55, but I think a lot of people put in sell
      orders at 55 a long time ago and are somewhat
      responsible for that. I think we're dominated by small
      investors right now. I am still looking for 59 by this
      fall, heck it might even hit that by earnings release
      (is it 8/6?)

      IF (and it's a big if) we break
      60, not sure where the high is. I think it depends on
      what kind of news we hear out of corporate. Online is
      their next big play. Ultima Online is continuing to do
      well even after Everquest's release. That's a VERY
      good sign.

      Tiberian Sun will be one to watch
      later this summer. And, of course, EA Sports has got
      Madden, NASCAR, Tiger Woods releases all planned later
      this year.

      Good Good Good!

    • Just Raphael8 and me on this board for 48 hours.. it's eerily quiet. Anyone want to throw in their opinion on the activity the last couple of days?

    • 55 proved to be a lot of resistance. Today's close at 54 1/4 is a little disheartening. Is there enough upward momentum to get us any higher than this?

    • I pretty much expected to see this low volume
      pull-back this morning. The buyer has stepped away for the
      day. So it is likely we will get our bearish candle,
      unless the FOMC makes everyone happy and they buy in the
      second half of the day.

      An important note about
      that candle: NEVER trade based on an "expected"
      candle, because you might get the opposite. Wait for the
      formation to complete. So, even though we look weak right
      now, you can't go short based on it. A big part of
      using technical analysis is patience. We still haven't
      formed the third line of the fan on the hourly chart,
      much less broken it.

      Best of luck to all!

    • Volume was very light to start the day.. just
      12,300 volume in the first 25 minutes, but now that I
      look, it's up to 23,100 after 35 trading minutes. We're
      hanging out in the low 54s (then high 53s). So you think
      we'll head down from here if ERTS closes down much
      today and completes that bearish candle?

      Down to
      53 3/8 on 33,800 volume at 10:14am.

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