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  • nsthil nsthil Sep 18, 1999 11:38 PM Flag

    Ragman if you're correct

    I may not get another chance to buy in on ERTS. I
    was thinking maybe mid 50's sometime in the next 2
    months. Anyways here is the new Dreamcast sales totals
    FYI. Mwy biggest 3rd party developer for DC but their
    earnings have been so inconsistent thats why I went with
    AKLM. One big positive for MWY is that Sumner Redstone
    has been buying shares. Looks like it could be

    �Dreamcast > news > story �
    Over 400,000 Sales And
    Is there no end to the phenomenal sales of the
    Dreamcast in America?
    September 17, 1999
    With the
    Dreamcast now on sale just over one week, Sega America
    found it
    appropriate to unveil a third set of sales
    figures for their newly
    released console. In just six
    days at retail, the machine has sold over
    Of course, Sega Japan is thrilled with the success
    of the Dreamcast
    launch in America, and was only
    too happy to announce it at a press
    meeting prior
    to the Tokyo Games Show. Alongside Peter Moore at
    Shoichiro Irimajiri revealed that the company
    is aiming for over one
    million sales by
    Bearing in mind that Sega originally expected to sell
    400,000 machines
    after four weeks, this really is an
    astonishing achievement in itself.
    We look forward to
    seeing how well the Dreamcast will sell over the

    upcoming months, and whether or not Sega will reach its
    next goal of one
    million units. Whatever you do
    kids, don't underestimate the power of

    -- Matthew Langan, IGNDC

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    • <<Being the industry leader it may be
      justified, but the success of DC gave me reason to

      "Hype" is not equal to "success." Currently, they had a
      successful launch, but success will be more clear after the
      hype dies down. Look at Japan. Imagine, what will
      happen if a month from now, people start returning their
      DC machines, heh? ERTS has the foresight not to sink
      in $$ to make games that nobody wants 6 months from

    • I saw the review of disappointed DC sales in
      Japan too. That's why I'm totally dumbfounded about the
      hype I've seen here. This is Sega's last bet and
      they've sunk in millions in marketing and advertisements
      for DC. But we all know the end is near for them...
      it's spelled PSX2.

      Here's an excerpt of Japan
      sales..."In Japan, where Dreamcast hit stores almost a year
      ago, sales are well below expectations. That led
      Moody's Investors Service to downgrade Sega's debt rating
      last week, saying that "Sega's earnings and cash flow
      remain under pressure."

    • some lively discusion on this board.

      Continued best of luck and clear thinking guys.

    • ANY BUYS on that "insiders" list either! Perhaps you could point those out as well!


    • insider trading fro ERTS. I was wondering if you
      might point out all of this BUYING you say Riccitiello

      Funny, I don't see his name ANYWHERE and this goes back
      at least a year! Try doing a little DD before you
      spout off at the mouth!



    • No one is denying that psx11 is superior and I am
      not trying to convince any one here to sell their
      ERTS shares. It is a great company. My point was that
      all the other gaming companies will also benefit from
      PSX11 and they also are publishing for DC that is doing
      better than expected. EA also sells at a market premium
      and industry premium. Being the industry leader it
      may be justified, but the success of DC gave me
      reason to pause.

      To also imply that execs
      sometimes do not make miscalculations is laughable. No
      doubt he knows more than me or you regarding the
      industry but sometimes things happen that surprise even
      the brighteset of us. Based on projections from Sega,
      analysts etc EA saw it fit not to develop for DC. Well the
      expectations have been blown out of the water and the consumer
      has had the last word for now.

    • Sega DC. All you have to do is read the news that
      is coming from the Tokyo Game Show. The DC's life
      span will be from now till whenever the PSX 2 is
      released (IMHO). If you look at the power of the PSX 2 vs
      the DC, there is NO comparison. DON'T FORGET. THE
      VOODOO 2. THATS RIGHT A VOODOO 2. As it has been so
      aptly put.... "Sega... play yesterdays games today" Do
      those of you who feel that EA made a mistake supporting
      the DC honestly feel that you know more than John
      Riccitiello or the other EA execs? Do you honestly think that
      they did not do there research before makeing the
      call? In the almost 2 years that Riccitiello has been
      with EA, how many shares has he sold? None. How many
      has he bought? Many. Do what you what with your
      money, I'll keep mine in ERTS.... and wait for PSX 2.

    • Many of the gaming stocks were not doing too well
      less than a year ago and ERTS could take advantage of
      the fact that they are the biggest, best known name
      and best capitalized company out there. If DC allows
      some of thes companies to strenghten themselves in an
      area that ERTS is not competing we can expect that
      ERTS will se greater competition in the future for the
      gamers $$$$. The reason is that game currently cost
      $1-$3 million to produce. This cost reduced the amount
      of products these weaker firms could develop while
      ERTS would pump out a myriad of titles. They will now
      have the abilility to fund more development out of
      operations going forward. "The enemy of my enemy is my
      friend". If ERTS does not come out with DC tiltles before
      PSXii then many of their enemies will be strengthened.

      Remains to be seen.

    • him to re-evaluate his position because what he
      posted and the conclusions he made didn't seem to jive.

      He was saying that there were "hard-core" gamers who
      were going to flock to DC but that would not 'hurt'
      ERTS AT ALL! Does that sound logical to you? Every
      gamer out there only spends so much money in any given
      business QTR. If the "hard-core" money is going to DC this
      X-Mas doesn't that have the potential to hurt ERTS in
      the short term in your mind?

      The reason for my
      sarcasm is that the answer seems pretty clear to me. I
      couldn't see how someone who "knows" the industry can
      state DC will not hurt ERTS AT ALL! I also have said
      that I still like ERTS long term and I think they will
      react according to what is in the best interest for
      themselves and therefor their stockholders!


    • I got the name wrong it is PSX 2, but where did I
      say that the release date was "new news" as a matter
      of fact I explicitly said "LAST WEEK" in my post (on
      the 20th) and the news came out on the 14th. That is
      about a WEEK the way I look at it. And yet again you
      miss the point!

      Do you really want to get into
      the ERTS-Nintendo thing? If you do we can get into
      the REAL reasons ERTS didn't support the N64 at
      launch. For one, a cart game is MUCH more expensive for
      the developer (cost of memory and the surcharge to
      Nintendo) which makes the profit margin MUCH

      Next, the amount I have made on ERTS is MUCH less than
      I have made on a few of my other holdings. ERTS is
      one of my longer term holds because I understand the
      industry. I have made MUCH more money when I got into JBOH
      at $2.50 and sold less than a week later for $19. Or
      how about having bought VVTV about 16 months ago for
      about $3.50 and continue to hold now at $27!

      for WCW Revenge giving THQI its recognition and they
      are up because of the award they "just" recieved. I
      assume you are talking about the "Deloitte & Touche
      `Fast 50' Program" they just recieved!? So are you
      saying that last months Fortune Magazine article about
      being the 3rd fastest growing company in America has
      nothing to do with
      or their recent commitment to
      or being added to the Russel 2000
      or having a CEO named Entertainment Entrepreneur of
      or signing long-term

      Yeah, I guess your right. They are only going up
      because of the latest award for being on the "fast 50
      list" for Los Angeles based companies! NOT!

      for your statement >>>"Now DC has been out
      for a while in Japan yet it's a dead issue, I think
      Gameboy is outselling it."<<< You are obviously
      not aware that even the N64 itself did not do well in
      Japan and the GameBoy has been Nintendo of Japans
      largest selling game machine for quite some time now!
      Nintendo of America has been outselling Japan for quite a
      while now in the N64 market as well as in overall
      sales. So comparing DC to GameBoy is like comparing
      apples to oranges. Nintendo's own "last generation"
      console can't even compare to GameBoy! Can you say
      "Pokemon"? Or haven't you heard about that?!?!

      Do I
      need to go on? Maybe the reason I don't seem to
      understand the "basics" that you do is because your
      understanding is PRETTY BASIC!



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