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  • Raphael8 Raphael8 Dec 2, 1999 8:46 PM Flag

    For what it's worth...Downgrade...

    I don't know who, but I just got my email alert
    from Schwab that someone downgraded the stock. The
    First Call report indicates someone dropped it from a
    Buy to a Hold, so the nubmers are 8,4,1 instead of

    The Weekly chart flashed a "sell" signal yesterday
    with that close below 104. Today we're back above. I
    haven't a clue which way it will go, but if we close
    below 104 again tomorrow, I'll be playing it from the
    short side.

    Best of luck to all.

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    • Raph & I referred to the info on Schwab site.

    • Isn't there a difference between a downgrade by
      an analyst and a downgrade by a broker? There have
      been no downgrades by any analysts tracking erts that
      I can find. At this point, I am not sure what Raph
      is referring to.

      BTW, the Nov.
      Hardware/Software reports are out. PSX software sales are up 20%
      YTD, largerly attributable to a huge upturn in the
      budget category. Titles over $30.00 retail remain quite
      flat from last year.....this denotes an earlier than
      expected end to the lifecycle of the PSX.

      The big
      winner is Gameboy (and Nintendo) with a huge upclick due
      to Pokemon.

      This combined with the slightly
      better than expected DC sales have put quite a dent in
      the PSX and Nintendo markets (really flat from last

      I believe that all the Pub's will have Q4
      sales that are a bit flatter than expected.
      Fortunately, erts has the breadth of product as well as a
      strong PC Mkt share to weather this slight downturn.
      They will rule come the ship of PSX2, which will,
      incidentally, put Sega DC out of it's misery.

    • Re... umm... downgrade (I don't like this word),
      Yahoo's Research page hasn't shown it yet. But on the
      site in question, on the number of brokers
      recommendations' list, there was 1 hold and the number of strong
      buy was reduced by 1, as compared to the previous
      month. I thought some broker was nervous about the
      breakout in price and pulled the trigger too fast. (I
      don't have the name of broker and for all we know, it
      could be a typo error...) Or maybe he/she had since
      un-pulled it. There you have it.

      Go ERTS!

    • confirmation. I have not seen this downgrade anywhere else. Can someone explain that?

    • The whole sector looks weak right now. AKLM being
      sold off to 52 week low on good volume. Looks like a
      blowoff though. I will be buying more there. I would step
      back on ERTS for now. Short on EIDSY doing

      Best of luck

    • It looks like the move near the close on Friday
      was nothing but short covering. Probably the same
      thing again today. Friday we stopped at resistance, and
      this morning, we couldn't even break the 111, much
      less the 112 1/2. Sheesh. I barely got out with a
      profit. It's officially a trade from the short side on my
      chart. Of course, it has done this many times before and
      then skewered the shorts with an unexpected

      I blew CINR by playing it too conservatively. I
      should have trusted it to do the right thing instead of
      waiting. It just became a buy on my chart this morning.
      But what a move! And I wasn't watching. I'm trying to
      decide if it is safe to buy here or to hope for a small
      pullback first.

      EIDSY looks like an easy short. If
      I'm watching when it breaks that 95, I'll likely join
      you for the ride down with a few shares. Or, maybe
      I'll study the chart and take the risk going short
      higher if there's good resistance to play off of. I'll
      have to spend a little time on the short term

      Best of luck.

    • Looks like ERTS having a tough timre holding on
      here. Still looks great long term though. EIDSY looks
      like it is going to head lower. I want to see if it
      will break through support at $95 which was the
      previous high.

      Did you buy any CINR? It seems to be
      moving up steadily.

      Strange that we have not
      heard from Ragman ever since a few days before the AOL
      announcement. Maybe he was an insider that was castigated,

    • Looks like you made a good move getting back into
      ERTS at that level. Take another look at EIDSY for a
      good short opportubity. Iam back in at 101 and then I
      read this research report over the weekend issued by
      Piper Jafrey. No guarantee, after all Merill dowgraded
      a few weeks ago and it dropped $23 only to come
      back to new highs. I am encouraged though because PSX
      sales for Tomb Raider apppear to be disappointing, or
      there are distribution delays.

      Conclusion - Following another disappointing quarter, we

      reiterate our Neutral investment rating and 12-month price
      target of
      $28-$30. Product slippage has been the
      primary culprit for lower
      revenues and
      earnings in
      the first half of the fiscal year. Tomb Raider 4 is

      scheduled to ship (one to two weeks later than expected) in
      the U.S.
      this week, and on December 3, 1999, in
      the U.K. and Europe. Overall, the
      first half of
      fiscal 2000 has brought below-par results (unlike most

      companies in the industry), and the Company is banking huge
      on the
      second half of the year. While we believe
      the Company can make our
      December quarter revenue
      estimate, we believe the March quarter will be
      more of
      a challenge than investors think. We are still
      scratching our
      heads, trying to figure out
      why U.K.
      and European investors are driving this stock

    • ...and thanks for posting that I'm not crazy.

      I agree that an analyst is probably just a bit
      nervous. This downgrade came shortly after BA started the
      stock with a strong buy, so, obviously the analysts
      don't agree. Interesting that the downgrade came just
      as it looked like we'd show some significant
      technical weakness, most of which has been erased by the
      action of the last two days. I only wish we had more
      volume on those.

      Today's close was beautiful. It
      broke out strongly on the 15-minute chart after
      testing, and confirming, the supporting trendline on the
      hourly. Looks like we may try the high end again. Thank
      god I'm long!

      Congratulations to everybody who
      called the low near 100. Nice job. Now... would you
      share the secret?

      Best of luck to all.

    • Got my alert function on ERTS and didn't hear squat. I think the insiders are all locked up after the other day (11/30) so we're safe from them for a while.

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