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  • oil_barron_2000 oil_barron_2000 Apr 3, 2001 10:00 PM Flag

    Is this POS still standing

    90 p/e lets get real, I give it 5 bucks .

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    • You are right...ERTS is now broken...Funds will dump...and then we will see that ERTS will not make the earnings estimates....

      Buy it in the 30's soon if you must.

    • Technically, ERTS has been issuing a screaming sell signal for weeks.

    • Your missing the point, its not ERTS or the X-box, its the valuation relative to the stock market. I'll repeat one more time;

      Its not about your knowledge of the gaming business
      Its not about we got lucky today
      Its not about rumors

      the valuation is just too damn high RELATIVE to other tech stocks. Period

    • Really doesn't matter what the drop is related to. Technically speaking, ERTS will issue a screaming sell signal today if it closes at $48 or below. Forget the rumors, gossip and supposed fundamentals, if ERTS closes at $48, the stock is headed at least another 10 points lower in the near-term. A close of $45 or below almost guarantees 15 points of downside within the next two weeks...

    • How long have you been trading stocks?

    • John O, I have been in the computer gaming biz over 15 years now, trust me there's nothing on this board that's going to teach me anything I don't already know.

      I'm buying this pig (or is it a dog, I can't remember) at anything under $50/share and will continue to do so with us much disposable cash as I can find.

      Assuming this drop is indeed xbox-related, this will be the easiest money I've ever made.

      Good luck to you.

    • ertsinvestor;

      I have nothing against you but they are going to take this stock apart. You can like the company and the story and still sell it or short. Protect your profits and buy back when this madness is over. This is business and they are taking some great stocks down, ERTS is not immune. Don't fall inlove with the sound of your own story. Play this smart. PEACE

      John O

    • Microsoft Delays Shipment of Xbox Development Software, FT Says

      4/3/01 12:29 PM
      Source:Bloomberg News
      London, April 3 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft Corp. has delayed distributing a computer software package for its Xbox video-game console, the Financial Times said on its Web site, citing the company.

      The software, which helps designers fit games to the consoles' hardware, is the final version before the Xbox is released. Microsoft declined to give reasons for the delay, the paper reported.

      Microsoft told Japanese and European gamemakers it didn't know when the ''beta'' version of the software would be sent, which was meant to be with them in March, the FT said.

      Microsoft hasn't said exactly when Xbox will go on sale or how much it will cost. The No. 1 software maker plans to introduce the console, its bid to challenge Sony Corp. and Nintendo Co. in the $20 billion game market, in the U.S. and Japan by year's end. (The Financial Times 4-3) For the newspaper's Web site, {FITM }

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