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  • kiksbutt kiksbutt Mar 28, 2013 4:16 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha trying to pump it but this turd is worthless

    Even if you read their information, it just displays what a small, #$%$ company this is. It's all built on hype and expectations for the next 10 years. It COULD be a billion dollar company. They say that for EVERY single bio firm they pump. No, this will never see that market cap. There are much bigger players out there with much better products. They used stuff found in nature to cure stuff. It's no different than Chinese medicine. They also do animal health and their revenues are abysmal. $4 stock if that at best. KERX is a much better investment than this. How can someone keep it at 6.50 range is beyond me. There's nothing from FDA until 2016 and they're burning through cash fast. No products or pipelines like other bio-firms have.


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    • I don't "invest" into small bio-pharm firms. The odds of one hitting it big are the same as winning lottery. 94% of small bio firms fail within 10 years of creation. Look at AFFY, DNDN and multiple others that lost billions to shareholders. This company isn't diversified either, they just have 1 product treating 1 cause. Fungus and itching? Really? a 1 billion dollar market? Get real. I heard such stories from APPY, and their AppyScore how a billion dollar market was in a making. They almost went bankrupt and still are, working and stealing money from shareholders.

      This company doesnt make money and will not make any significant revenues, ever. There are other bio-firms that make better products and work with the big 10. Not this co. It's a pump and dump scam pumped by Seeking Alpha while they scoop short shares and watch it burn from $7 to $3. Any significant approval for FDA won't come until 2021. This co. can go BK in the next 3 years, let alone 8. They don't have a diversified pipeline - I only said KERX since they have multiple products and are testing multiple drugs. This is a SCAM

    • Are you joining in the shareholder suit against KERX ?

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