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  • drigvze drigvze Oct 1, 2012 10:06 AM Flag

    Shares Remain attractive

    stoxline website upgrades HDY to a strong buy with the 0.97 target price in six months.

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    • stoxline has no idea as to what the sp will be any more that you or I do. There are too may variables for that kind of statement! I suggest you get your info from where else. This is nothing more than a promotion for stoxline itself!

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 1 Reply to mrgarroz
      • I concur exactly with mrgarroz. Stoxline is no sage and they guesses are as good as anyone else's. Even Sack's is no more sure with any certainty than any other vehicle promoting themselves as all knowing. No one knows where this stock will be in one month or two months. If there is no JV partner, this company could be in the "drink" and in two months if this is the case, HDY could be delisted. If RL attempts an Reverse Split, even worst things will happen with this company. Thw whole company could be in the "drink" by the end of the year. No one has that crystal ball. HDY could be beyond all with no worries at start of new year if a JV parnter is found. We could well above $3 per share if al good things happen.

        Point here is that no one knows where this company is headed be it Stoxline or Zack's or any number of promoters and share watcher organizations.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell