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  • swissmoto1972 swissmoto1972 Jun 12, 2013 8:14 AM Flag

    Muli million bonus for CEO scammers! see proxy,!

    Scam Scam !

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    • Now three years later since RL's arrival at the helm, everyone should be able to see his true colors. I (and my colleagues here) have been posting this message for this length of time until SH have come to their senses. None of HDY's current Management along with the staff should ever have been allowed. Problem was that everyone wanted to believe with Kent Watts' departure, things would have to get better. Well, now after 3 years wasted with paying these buffoons all of their inflated salaries and bonuses and perks, we find this company at this junction currently. It is a sad epitaph to the conclusion of this final act.

      SH are now waking up to this statement and it is too late. None of HDY's prospects should ever have been drilled since they lacked the technical merits to an experienced West African geologist/geophysicist. This still remains the case. Why no updates and reporting on the CGG Veritas 3D seismic PSDM? Where and why did the $10 M monies go behind the veil of a "transformational event"? Why no accountability? Where was Jason Davie in all of this. Remember that Kent Watts hired Jason Davis as his parting shot acroos the bow of HYD before his departure.

      Why were there no questions being posed then? This company has been a scam perpetrated upon a naive body of SH from the start. RL and company just enriched themselves as long as there were believers. One poster from yesterday posted the question of why not submitting to the attention of the SEC.

      The "game is over" as one poster (swissmoto) has been posting. This company is coming unraveled as I have stated so many times here (both Lauries and before Marc Gerade and Guzman). The sound of corruption now is thundering down to the SH with the listeners now starting to take notice.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • ozlander Jun 12, 2013 9:50 AM Flag

      On top!