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  • TravisPape TravisPape Apr 15, 1998 1:52 PM Flag

    Happiness is...

    a postive earnings surprise.

    Zacks consensus was 17 cents, First Call 19 cents, and I/B/E/S 17 cents versus actual of 25 cents. And the stock price even went up! (I don't take anything for granted.)

    Happy investing

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    • I have been an investor in Cagle's for over 10 years and have
      seen them change their end product from whole broliers
      to packaged parts. What is CHK's main product as I don't
      see them in Calif. Our main chicken company is Foster Farms
      which is a private company but dominates our market. I haven't
      seen many mergers except for Tyson buying Hudson . Do
      you think there will be more consolidation in thr industry and
      what are CHK's main strengths. Thanks for your input.

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      • CHX not CHK. Owned chicken stocks since 1985 first was tsn, then
        chx in 86 then hfi in 90's. right now corn prices are the key.
        they have been below 2.50 per bushel as of late. lowest corn
        prices since floods of midwest. next quarter will be record profits for chicken companies. worked briefly for a chicken
        company in '87 (went through mgt training program). use hard times to implement cost saving strategies and continue with them when things start to turn up. speculation on buyout; opinion is highly unlikely. hfi was an entirely different situation. with
        corn prices low; buy chicken stocks. however, the asian market may present a bit of a problem. asians prefer the dark meat.
        russian market may recover from financial problems. anybody know
        what the russians/former iron curtain countries prefer? white or
        dark mear. by the way i own a lot of tsn and a little chx and think now is the time to buy chx.